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Mellimore Island

Mellimore Island is one of the largest islands in the Crammeoron, famous for it's special kind of dirt that allows plants to grow at an exponential speed. As such, powerful druids guard the outside of the island, as to prevent the wrong person from coming in and destroying the very carefully-made farms that can successfully harness the power of the special kind of dirt. Speculation is that the dirt is special on the island due to magically imbued earthworms. There is only one town in the entire island, a small rural one built on a gargantuan rock near the shoreline of the town.


The island is massive, with many different high and low points, and all kinds of different biomes and natural rivers. There are many natural beauties from the combinations of the tall tress, hilltops, rivers, and even small jungles. The natural amenities of this town are tampered with very little, with only the occasional shack and farm erected on the fertile dirt that stretches all across the island.

Fauna & Flora

Most animals that used to live in Mellimore Island have now been captured and domesticated so they don't interfere with the various farms across the islands. However there are all kinds of different trees and plants that grow in all different areas of the island.


The island was discovered by a man named Johnny Trietan, who had passed out in a boat after getting blackout drunk and awoke on the island. He was saved by a group of friends who had gone out looking for him, but decided to stay on the island and become its sultan. However he was later forcibly removed from being the island's sultan after a group of druid's took over his spot by convincing Glue the island needed special care due to the magical dirt.

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