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The Connected

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The Connected primarily is situated about the continent of Dresslia. A rich and somewhat European stylized set of civilizations that had only once, ever become fully unified. The world is foreign, the Borns, which are the races of at the very least Dresslia and surrounding landmasses consist of fifty races that have over time been exposed to the world. Magic and Technology have been debated, exchanged and grown through out the history of Dresslia. Some cities reflect still medieval times but mixed with some machines from the early twentieth century. The world is mixed, power is gained through hard work and death by old age is infrequent, not from the wretched wars that trench warfare brings about, but because the Borns are so resilient to age. Men and women grow to be beyond that of a normal born eventually growing to Legendhood. It is up to the fates, and the born themselves, on what path they will take.

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