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R4V-AG3R Mark 2 All Terrain Vehicle

The R4V-AG3R Mark 2 All Terrain Vehicle (Ravager for short) is the militaries most sophisticated nine-wheeled amphibious armored reconnaissance vehicle. First operated in 2133, the Ravager successfully turned the tides of war. Loyalist forces were able quickly deploy themselves into strategic locations across the battlefield, securing many key victories.   The Ravager is capable of driving in any terrain, including underwater. In addition short bursts of flight are easily achievable due to its high tech thruster system. During amphibious use, the treads can be turned into propellers, allowing the vehicle to function as a submarine.   Designed to accommodate a crew of nine to twelve men, the Ravager is very light, allowing speeds of up to 360 mph to be easily achieved. The armaments are standard issue. There are two 7.62 mm machine guns, a single 25 mm cannon, and several smoke grenade launchers which allow ordinances to deployed in any direction.   Operation of the Ravager can be accomplished by a single person in an emergency. However, it handles most efficiently with a crew of three consisting of a vehicle commander, driver, and gunner. A crew of six to nine soldiers can fully stand up inside the spacious deployment bay. There is room for an additional medical staff, although this role is generally handled by the commander.   Armor consists of an 9 mm of titanium plates making the Ravager one of the worlds fastest heavily armored vehicles. The Ravager was designed to handle a variety of missions and battlefield conditions. Coming in at twelve meters in length and five meters wide, there are amenities not found in other combat vehicles.   The Ravager was developed with the idea of extended missions in mind. Featuring an navigation room, supply locker, deployment bay, maintenance room, lavatory, and a small operating room for emergency medical situations. Two months of supplies can be stored in the supply locker at a time. The navigation room is only large enough for a crew of three to provide essential functions. The deployment bay is the largest room, and has seating that allows for the conversion of a barracks during long missions. A small lavatory is attached allowing privacy for basic functions. There is a sink, toilet, and small shower inside. The entire space can be considered cramped, and one might find their feet and knees resting in the shower which is positioned directly across. The operating room features a small table, and first aid storage, allowing for two crew members just enough room to provide essential first aid to a wounded individual.   After the war, the useful functionality of The Ravager caught the eye of the scientific community. As such it isn't uncommon to see the Mark 2 in civilian use. However, many organizations that employ these vehicles have made their own modifications, often times replacing weapons systems with drills and various tools. One such model, The Ravager Mark 2a was the first to be used in a non military role. The researchers employing it removed it's 25 mm cannon and replaced it with a powerful drill, in order to better facilitate research during underground missions.   Civilian operations usually feature smaller crews as to maximize space, whereas the military units are trained to efficiently use smaller amounts of space with larger crews.

Ravager, The Ravager, The Mark 2

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