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Morcanna; Mother of Heresy

There are few mortals in the Churning World who’s name invokes such complex feelings as Morcanna. Depending on who one asks she is a villain, a hero, an extremist, a heretic, or all at the same time. All agree that she is a sorceress. A potent one at that. A witch capable of wielding the power of the gods themselves through her divine blood. Though she is descendent of the gods she considers their children to be her greatest enemies. She despises the demigods and seeks their absolute destruction. Not for the good of the mortals of the Churning World but for her own desire for vengeance.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Morcanna has the body of a physically fit woman in her mid-twenties but is entirely hairless. She has no body hair, eyebrows, and her scalp is entirely bald due to her divine ancestry. To hide her lack of hair she wears a headdress of black feathers and has tattoos in the design of scales that cover her entire body. Around her lips are more tattoos that resemble stylized fangs.   Morcanna’s eyes are also bright gold with pupils slit like a snake. The same eyes demigods are known to have. For this reason when trying not to reveal her identity Morcanna will pose as a blind woman and wrap bandages around her eyes.

Special abilities

Morcanna has divine blood. As a result of this she can activate and control divine artifacts, though she was forced to learn how to wield them by trial and error as she lacks the appropriate education that demigods receive concerning their use. She also lacks the god-hand, the right hand of the gods that all demigods have, that would allow her to feed the artifacts her blood without injuring herself. Instead she must cut herself and bleed on the artifact in question.   Fortunately she also possesses the Lifebloom Amulet, an artifact that takes a few drops of her blood and completely renews her body to its physical prime. Entire limbs can be regrown in seconds and wounds close almost instantly. So long as she is conscience she is able to activate the amulet to heal, though if something ever outright killed her or knocked her out she would die before the amulet could be turned on.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Morcanna was born during the reign of the Tribunal of Divine Authority as the great granddaughter of the demigod Seeker of Delights, a demigod well known for his hedonistic nature that ultimately resulted in him fathering a child with a mortal woman. Such a feat was considered an act of heresy by the Tribunal and he and his progeny were sentenced to death.   Morcanna’s grandmother, pregnant with the divine child, fled her home and escaped the Tribunal’s “justice”. She then gave birth to her daughter and did her best to raise her while on the run. She and her husband would ultimately be slain by the Tribunal’s demigod warriors for the crime of existing. Their child escaped the carnage by being sneaked out the back and sent to a neighboring village for safety.   Years later Morcanna was born and grew up knowing the demigods would one day come for her and her mother. True to what her mother told her she would go on to watch as her mother, father, and three younger sisters were slaughtered by the demigods for the blood that ran through their veins.   Morcanna managed to survive from then on by being cynical, deceitful, and being willing to sacrifice others for her own well being. Along the way she took jobs working at various temples, swearing false oaths through her teeth so as to join the temples’ protection and learn all she could about the gods and their children. Each time she would inevitably be found out and the temple laid in ruin, but she’d escape and ready herself to do it all over again.   In time her understanding of the power of her blood and of the legends of the gods lead her to ownership of an artifact called the Lifebloom Amulet, an item that could heal any injury and undo the ravages of old age. It became her own god-artifact and her primary tool for surviving the wrath of both the demigods and time. Soon she’d come to a realization; that her power was not just in her blood but also her body. Her children would inherit the same gift she possessed, and that the more children he had the more tools she’d have in her arsenal. Alone she could not hope to defeat the demigods, but with a large enough family there was perhaps hope.   She’d go on to mother a great many children who inherited the divine blood. Each one was raised to despise the gods as she did, and those who survived would go on to become revolutionaries, heretics, and enemies of the demigods.


Morcanna sees sexuality as a tool to be wielded. What preferences she may have are long buried under what she considers to be a pragmatic use of that tool. Despite her age she retains a youthful appearance that she exploits to seduce men and women alike as it suits her and her goals. Primarily she uses men to aid in producing more children with divine blood, but she has never been with someone that she had legitimate feelings for.

Morality & Philosophy

Morcanna never believed in good and evil. If the temples taught that the demigods who killed her mother and hunt her family are good then good must not exist. Instead she views the world as a series of independent actors all working toward their own selfish ends using what means they have. Because the demigods have far greater means they are free to impose their will on others and so do. If she wishes to be able to impose her will on them she must achieve the means to do so. All other considerations are secondary. To that end there is no extreme Morcanna is not willing to go to.

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