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The Song Spire

A temple complex that catches the wind surrounding mountain peaks and funnels it through its body like a flute and generates a beautiful melody that can be heard for miles around.

Purpose / Function

It was built to fill the mountains and surround lowlands with song depending on the strength of the wind that passed through it. A strong wind brought an upbeat tune, while low winds brought more melodic tones. Each morning as the sun strikes the top of the tower, it emits music akin to a bird song. Each evening, as the sun's rays fall off the top of the tower, it plays a lullaby. This symbolizes the beginning and end of the day, and as a reminder that beauty is everpresent, in light and in shadow. The Song Spire was created as an art installation, to bring the joy of music to the surrounding lands, and to honor the patron deity of the arts, Corellon.


The complex of the Song Spire is built of carved from a massive marble deposit on the mountainside. The Parthenon-like structure rests upon a cliffside,200 feet away from the mountainside, where the columns may capture passing wind through long slots cut into them connected to pipes that lead to the main spire. The Spire itself is built into the mountain itself, in a corkscrew shape, about 120 feet above the rest of the complex. Several smaller structures are built against the mountainside, including living quarters for priests and guests, a bathing area, and an amphitheater.


The Song Spire was built during the Golden Age for the worship of Correllon, the goddess of the arts and magic. Though it is unclear if she had direct involvement in its construction, Correllon was documented as visiting the Song Spire several times during the Golden Age. The temple was a place of creativity, beauty, and artistic expression through music and performance for many centuries. When the Desolation came, the temple turned into a refuge against the demonic hordes ravaging the world, due to its isolation in the Stormcrown Mountains. After the Sundering, the Song Spire remained occupied by the followers of Corellon for many centuries, until the final attendant passed away and the Song Spire became an untended marvel, nestled atop the Stormcrown.
Temple / Religious complex

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