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The Dread Wastes

An extensive landscape of deep canyons, towering rock formations, and crumbling ruins. It is a natural barrier between the Stormcrown Mountains and the capital of Ulamos, filled with savage beasts, roaming undead hordes, and ancient horrors buried within the ruins of an ancient city beneath the ground.


The Dread Wastes is covered in canyons that appear cut into the ground by force rather than by natural erosion, often taking straight or curved shapes. Rock formations cover the area, leaving little to no flat ground anywhere to be found. Few sources of freshwater exist, and those that do form in craters, rising from geysers or can be found in forgotten wells and aqueducts buried in the earth. Caverns are common here, ranging from a few feet deep to vast, underground complexes. Despite the harsh landscape, there is a beauty to the coloration of the various rock formations and the scattered pockets of plant life.

Fauna & Flora

Only plants meant for harsh, desert-like environments can survive here. Various types of grasses, cacti, and rare wildflowers exist on the sloping hills and alongside the scattered watering holes. Animals of the bird and reptile variety cling to the water holes as well, nesting in the various holes and crevices of the landscape.   Ridge Stalkers, large quadrupedal beasts, hunt for prey around and within the canyons, using their incredible strength and agility to leap and climb the rocky walls to chase down their targets.

Natural Resources

Ore veins have been discovered in the past here, including iron, silver, and gold. there have also been sapphires and rubies discovered deep underground, often near ancient ruins.   there is also a "natural" necromantic energy surrounding the area, causing the rising of various undead which can be coralled and forced to the will of the various necromancers of Ulamos.

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