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Shade Blood and the Immortal Queens Curse/ Xarasis's Kin

Shade Blood is both a curse and a disease. It is said that Shade Blood is the first mortal-made puppet plague. Its origins date back before the Wars of Enlightenment around 440 to 600 years. Where the other nations were fighting in wars on the behalf of their deities, the Seeree civilization was gathering knowledge learning, and researching the magic of the early Sorcerers/Enlightened and Abu Salathah The Sorcerer King specifically. One development, especially of great importance to the Seeree, is how to overcome the ravages and the effects of the bright. Their solution was to adapt their physical forms to be able to resist the bright. The specifics of how this was supposed to be achieved are unknown, but what is known is that it led to the early version of the Shade Blood malady.   It is theorized that Shade Blood is a magically enhanced disease combined with the blood of a god, That being Sharr the Ever-Changing, Master of the Hunt, the Devouring Maw, offspring of Xarasis the torturous moon, the red eye mixed with the Seeree queen's own blood. Xarasis was brought into Essiothas by the silent legion during their wars with the Celestial legion and the hierarchy of divinity during the wars of ascension. The lord of ceaseless whispers and Damos the king of chains and the other wicked divines brought the scarlet, Vermilion celestial body into the world. The lord of whispers sought to bind Sharr under their control they separated Sharr from Xarasis and forced them to descend to Essiothas. Doing so to create and control its aberrant offspring from the profaned god and sought to birth heretical and defiling weapons from the power of the slumbering Xarasis whose form is that of a moon.   Xarasis is the smaller celestial lunar sister to Theia the innocent moon or the veiled beauty the major moon of Essiothas. Both were considered offspring and representatives of the prime god(gods) of the Ksiaisain pantheon. Xarasis represents Issanois the goddess of storms, beasts, witches, and the deadly nature of the sea. Where Theia represents Onasis the prime goddess of the sea and primogenitor of the Dàrois[der-ōīs] people. Unlike her lunar sister Theia that completes a full cycle or phase every 30 days. Xarasis only completes a cycle or phase every 90 days and even then this is guaranteed because Xarasis is also considered the vanishing moon, for the red eye disappears into the paths extra-dimensional paths that connect Essiothas with other worlds. Like the Ksiaikite gods they represent, Xarasis and Theia are considered sisters and twins that are falsely believed to be originally one celestial mass its more of a characterization to fit the mythology of the Ksiaisain faith. After the severance of Onasis, the two halves of her have wholly separated being unique celestial figures. The Dàrois believed they originated from the blood and flesh of Onasis when Issanois split from her also creating what the central nations call the Everbright the celestial form of the bright.   The queen of the Seeree's blood was likely added to counter the influence Sharr has over the minds of those transformed by Shade Blood. Sharr's blood or "gift" allows the transformation of the flesh typically into grotesque aberrant forms. The Psyche is made animalistic and beastly. Those who receive this "gift" give into their base instincts without pretense or thought. It is theorized that the branch of the Seeree called the rooted or builders used Sharr's gift as a base for their creation to allow for the manipulation and alteration of the Physical state.  

The Enlightenment Wars/The War of Enlightenment

    Other nations allied with one another to forcibly pry secrets from the Seeree for they were not openly given. The allied nations later called the Ancient Alliance, were made up of many of the sanctum cities as well as other small tribes and communities. They wielded some of the first iterations of modern firearms and weaponry, and with their superior numbers, they quickly overwhelmed the Seeree forces. Being forced back into their last refuges the Seeree decided to make a last stand to slow or even stop the ally's progression. They gave their lives and cut their souls from their bodies combining them with their weaves (spells) in order to power them and allow them to endlessly be expressed. This last stand only kept the allies back for around 30 days after which they discovered ways past the Ardaer(soul)-enhanced weaves. The allies reached the capital and started looting and tearing their way through the city. The queen now known as the immortal mother demanded their people imbibe Shade Blood. The results were the Seeree masses turned into twisted monstrous figures similar to lycanthropes. Who still to this day terrorized the lands.

Transmission & Vectors

The malady is transmitted normally by infected individuals either in the second or third and final stages of the condition. Transmitted by contact through bites, scratches, or the transfer of and sharing of blood. Though as the terrorist's attack on Serpents rest shows shade blood can be weaponized into an airborne/ gas transmission method. Shade Blood can also be transferred by the Children of the Immortal mother, all those who have fallen to its influence.


Those born under Xarasis during its full rise or full lunar cycle are believed to be cursed. Xarasis's curse appears in the eyes of the afflicted and is known as the cursed eye or the red eye. Typically appearing as a red band around the pupil though in rare cases the pupil the iris or the sclera can appear completely red. Those affected by Xarasis's curse have antisocial personalities and become hostile and violent and manipulative and often seek power and to spread shade blood. The Dàrois culture blinds the afflicted or condemns them to an isolated and imprisoned existence separated from normal society. Those with the cursed red eye are believed to become Xarasites witches or shapeshifters.   Xarasites are born from Xarasis or are influenced by its will through its curse or tempted by its profane powers and abilities. These Xarasites work to spread the influence of their creator's offspring that of Sharr. Though those cursed with the cursed red eye are not initially infected with shade blood they are believed to seek the affected and purposefully infect themselves having greater control over the change and mutations it causes. During its full lunar cycle, Xarasis kin tries to force their way into the world. Those of the cursed red eye work to aid their kin in their invasion of the world. Most of these attempts failed repelled by the Golden Coalescence the Emanation of the Divines will which controls the storm wall the invisible continuous air current that surrounds the upper atmosphere of Essiothas protecting it from the influence and invasion of outer powers. Though in certain circumstances the Xarasite kin has pierced the storm wall and survived against the Golden Coalescence power where they seek to disseminate the affliction.


Shade Blood afflictions and conditions: In the first stage of the infection victims hear the voices of the immortal mother as well as those of Sharr. Both seem to be trying to take control of the victim. Sharr tempts the victim with power strength and blood. Wear the mother tries to lure the victim with a motherly or even lovers embrace. Either way, most victims lose their minds in this stage, and in many cases even before physical changes occur, they start attacking noninfected individuals.    The second stage is marked by physical mutation and changes as well as what seems to be in some cases the development of special abilities. The abilities may come from the magical enhancements of Shade Blood but that has not been completely verified.    The third stage is the complete loss of mind and identity. In this stage, the victims are under the control of the Immortal Mother or Sharr. In rare cases, an individual infected can control the mutations and are able to control the changes. This allows them to change freely and shift back and forth from their beastly form. They seem to be connected to the minds of their masters and can undertake commands. Though this seems to only be the case for those that are controlled by the immortal mother, they are called her chosen or her risen. They are normally pack leaders or spies, infiltrators, assassins, etc.


Curing Shade Blood is possible but is very expensive and beyond the scope of many. It requires the breaking of the curse/magics that enhances Shade Blood, taking a vaccine for the disease, and an exorcism to be performed to stop the influence of the master. Many of these steps are expensive and deadly on their own. It is required of any individual who came across or knows of an infected individual to do the merciful thing and put them down. Then report the remains or the where about of the remains to their closest local or governmental authority for cremation.     Treatments and or techniques to mediate or treat Shade blood have been developed in modern times. Though these methods only work to subdue the condition. These therapies or treatments require the taking of prescribed medicines in a regulated and constant treatment interval with no deviation. In the majority of cases, the subject has a collar locked around their necks which administrates the treatment at a set interval. Many of these patients are housed in secure buildings either repurposed prisons or asylums. Though if the patient has a sponsor or donor that can monetarily fund or support the individual, then the patient can be released under supervision back into society. Though these treatments or therapies are only accessible in the old world, or in the developed lands almost exclusive to the Sanctum cities and the central nations.


The first stage is the warring of the masters for the mind of the infected, ending when the infected individual succumbs to the influence of either Sharr or the Immortal queen. In this stage the masters fight to gain control over the minds of the afflicted. This is the only stage in which treatment can be implemented to the infected subduing or mediating the symptoms.   The Second state is the metamorphosis of the afflicted physical form. In this stage mutation and transformation begins. These symptoms or changes being things like elongated limbs, the development of natural weaponry such as talons or fangs, patchy hair growth around the body among with many more conditions and changes many being different and unique from one another.  The third and final stage is the completion of all physiological mutations and alterations. The affected individuals finally take on there beastly, monstrous and twisted forms. They actively hunt for prey among the mortal races to feast on and turn.

Affected Groups

The largest affected group are the inhabitants of the colonies and individuals that work in less settled and developed lands.

Hosts & Carriers

Only members of the Mortal Races can be afflicted by Shade Blood. Though any rare individual who has ancestors of Seeree lineage, specifically those of the builders or rooted carries an inert strain within their blood. It is believed among some of these small remaining communities that the Immortal Queens' love protects them from its more heinous afflictions and symptoms. This belief has been demonstrated to be false they don't have immunity to the disease though some resistance has been documented within individuals affected. Though as the case of Sardar Amon shows those with Rooted or Builder Seeree ancestry are a lot more likely to be turned into the Immortal Mother risen or chosen and will enact her will.   The Immortal Queens /Mothers' "children" are carriers of the malady the majority being the beasts and monsters that stalk the lands. Her Risen or chosen have more control over the affliction and can appear completely normal. This allows them to be able to infiltrate communities and or governments of the world. They have been active in recent times in recruiting and radicalizing groups in order to create infighting and unrest in those communities.


Avoid travel among less settled or developed areas of the world. If travel is necessary travel in a band of twelve or so individuals with hired guards who are trained in dealing with and extermination of infected beasts. Areas such as the frontier lands should be avoided for any member of the public worried about infection as well as areas of dense foliage where the beasts can hide.   Black water can prevent transmission if immediately ingested/imbibed upon affection. Though the imbibement of this alchemical elixir should be left to groups such as the hunter's guilds. The reason is the high death rate among those that imbibe the elixir and the prolonged negative effects.


Shade blood normally in the past only affected frontier or less settled areas or areas near and or around DraeGourra the once great Seeree capital now known as the city of glass. With global travel becoming more and more possible among commoners the malady has been able to spread too much of the world. Though with the recent activities and development of cults and or more radicle elements of communities food and or water sources are being sabotaged and infected with Shade Blood. Captured members of these radical extremist terrorist groups claim that they are influenced by the voice of the immortal mother and that they are acting as her agents or children and performing her will.   For authorized eyes only precede under the threat of criminal actions and charges of treachery. Intelligence communities and agents of The Eidolon have found evidence of the re-emergence of the immortal queen. She and her agents seem to have taken hold of and influenced the imprinter or other nations which make up members of The Grand Alliance of Imperial Powers. This development is discerning to the Worlds intelligence and security organizations. All governmental officials should be warned to be on guard and to keep security measures in case of future threats.


In modern times Shade Blood was used during the terrorist attack on Serpents Rest. Pact coalition armies have quarantined the city all survivors not showing signs and changes of Shade Blood are being held in camps until it's decided that they pose no threat. There has been an increase in attacks and infections in rural areas. Hunter guilds have been mobilized and subsidized and funded by joint organizations in an attempt to rid the lands of the beast scourge. After the Sanctum city of Arnarfell was targeted by a radical terrorist organization they have put in funding to back the mainstream hunter guilds.

Cultural Reception

"Beasts, Beast all of them... I say just put them down it would be for the best of us all."
this is a quote from an influential member of the Sanctum city of Arnarfell. Any infected individual who is undergoing treatment to mediate or subdue the malady is looked down upon and ostracized. The common folk believes they are just monsters in the waiting or even spies or agents of the immortal mother. Many members of the public take it upon themselves to "rid their cities of the curse" mostly through the extra-judicial killing of innocent individuals who are undertaking treatment.
Chronic, Acquired

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