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Bright Lures/Condensers

Write about a technology that has greatly impacted daily life in your world   Bright Lures were originally developed by the Seeree Empire. The Wars of Enlightenment saw the Ancient Alliance requisition the technology after destroying the empire. Bright lures are used to attract or lure the bright to them causing it to build up and condense around it. If placed in such a way they can stop the bright from moving into areas. The Seeree discovered that creating three internal rings would allow them to live in habitats even in the bright. With the outer rings condensing more and more. Though other societies deploy them differently they often place as many as possible as far as possible in such a disorganized way. This requires them to track miles in heavy protective gear to chip off the condensed bright buildup off of the lures. Governments as a necessity-have come together to develop a unified code or method to allow for the best coverage of an area in the most efficient and safe a way as possible, these unified agreed-upon methods are known as the codes of habitation. Which largely led to the development and creation of frontiers even to this day.


Used to keep the Bright away from settlements and living areas.
The monastic philosophers of the Seelee called the Seekers discovered and invented bright lures through meditation and contemplation. In their isolated sanctums the Seeker discovered many innovative and revolutionary inventions and methods and practices for weaving. Beside the sorcerer king the Seekers were one of the largest groups to innovate on casting and weaving.
Access & Availability
They are now widely available and produced independently throughout the world. Though widely used throughout the world in previous eras with the pushing back of the bright at the end of the last age by the developed/settled lands mainly by the joint forces of the Ancient Alliance and the Sanctum Cities that make it up. Bright lures/ condensers are now largely only used in the shrouded lands in the frontiers.
The Bright was a dangerous force in the first couple of generations after the age of blinding radiance. It would drift around and would often ruin recently settled territories that were not protected by the divine relics like the sanctum cities. Even to this day, the bright is still the most dangerous phenomenon on the planet causing many untold numbers of deaths. Also causing mutation and psychoses among many members of the mortal races and citizenship of the world. The Seeree Empire through monastic contemplative studies developed the technology to allow them to settle areas of the bright.

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