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The St. Bonaventure Skirmish

The dusk light almost gone, Logan pressed his steed onward. He trusted Ahsoka to drive a good pace, but she was no racehorse and at best a few miles is all he could eek out of her. The others had the luxury of a charged electric cars of old, but who knows how long the charge will last. His ancient walkie talkie buzzed to remind him the importance of the mission. The fabled Shroud of Turin. The most credible myth claimed a group of devotees entrusted it to a nun who carried it to Savannah Georgia buried somewhere in Bonaventure Cemetery. The Masons elaborate monitoring system caught wind of the communications among the Defiant, or Terrorists as they falsely claim. Now some of their best assassins along with summoned ETEs (extra trans dimensional entities) and hordes of the mob in vehicles pursued with bloodlust.

The Conflict


The years upcoming to the founding of the Horadrim order, when evil crafted their plots in the shadow, humanity discovered other planes of existence. These planes were akin to the mighty gold rush of old. As bountiful material resources and supernatural wealth could be extracted from those able to access microholes or rifts.  Eventually people discovered Extradimensional entities (or EDEs/ ETEs). People who tapped into such creatures learned they could perform miraculous feats or power and influence. The most common agent required to access these favors was blood.    Soon society moved to digital credits, abandoning any true economic system to satiate the addiction for supernatural gifts. Long life, cursing enemies, control of an area, fashioning magical items, etc.    The Church was all but gone, a few orthodox people held on to what they could to preserve the Church Christ founded, but they were, for the most part, pariahs at best. Terrorists was a term being applied to them as well in a greater fashion.   The skirmish was the first among many, but its importance decisively signaled the conflict took on a war footing. The Brethren were the first group to rally for the Old Church, and they enemies of such factions were everywhere. This group, led by a Masonic Lodge and their adherents, called upon possessed and demonic forces alike to quell the band of rebels once and for all.


Lukas and the clairvoyant Meridian arrived first to the Bonaventure grounds. Meridian had to be carried to the focus on the location of the emerging rift. Lukas took what blasters he could and loaded up his trusty pistols to stave off the wave of the possessed as best he can. A Spanish moss covered crypt large enough to provide the cover was what they needed to perform the ritual. They had the high ground, but could be flanked easily. Zach covered the sacred perimeter. He checked over the previously installed sacramentals in critical locations at Mullryne and Evergreen paths as well as Mullryne /Noble Jones/ Walz corners and reinforced physical barriers where he could to funnel the forces into the cemetery grounds to deter any attacks from behind.     Logan called out as his exhausted mare trotted up the entranceway. He ordered the warband to fan out and set up automated decoys to keep the foes off balance. "They should be here within the hour. Good Luck.


World War Z by screen grab by Rheana Murray NY Daily News
  The Defiant members relied heavily on two factors. Environment and dull wit of the mob. The eroded slabs of gravestones hindered movements if light sources were eliminated. Logan had his best snipers to take down light sources when they arrived, removing that advantage as soon as possible. When the masonic mobs fueled up their Molotov cocktails, the fires posed a problem, but distracting firework/ explosives blunted any frenzied drive forward. Logan needed as much time as possible to overcome the drug induced haze these poor sods had ingested. Retreat slowly back while igniting off distractions and buying time for Meridian to locate that Shroud.


Much of society has fallen back to the wilds. The population was half of what was 30 years ago in the 2020s, namely because of corrupt pharmaceuticals and mutated viruses. However, climate did not vary much in the span of things. Savannah Georgia was still a humid mess in the summer and the nights provided little relief.  St. Bonaventure Cemetery was one of the greatest attractions in the day, but it has become so overgrown with neglect, only a few grandparents remember visiting there.

The Engagement

The Brethren were a resourceful bunch. Somehow inspired to craft explosives, connect with families of survivors or ally themselves those preserving the legacy of preppers, the Brethren bartered their way into an influential position. These folks contributed munitions, scrap materials, weapons to combat the Big Guys. Thus the Masonic leaders of Savannah were taken by surprise at the level of ingenuity of the rebellion.  
  The waves of possessed mob casualties numbered in the hundreds, and the summoners of demonic beings were consumed by their own abominations because their channeling was disrupted and cohesive control dissolved in the chaos of the fighting. In the end of a two day field conflict, The Brethren reclaimed one of the most powerful relics of the age: The Shroud of Turin.
    Small section where the battle was engaged. Logan and the rebels kept the main forces engaged at Plantation Square, giving enough time for Meridian and Lukas to locate the key deep behind the Little Gracie Gravesite, leading the Shroud inside the Taliaferro angel statue.
H & G - mound of rubble and debris blocking passage   B & D  - A patch of fertilizer based explosives rigged to sensitive pressure plates   E - An old Spanish Moss felled across the pathway. A 10 foot square covered hole with sharp objects and  A trip wire linked to plastic explosives   F - A rigged set of M100 mini explosives and distracting fireworks

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Right away, I notice the vast difference in the tone between this article and the last one I read, but both are in the same bleak future. You do a good job shifting between the more serious and the tongue-in-cheek, while maintaining a clear sense of where we are. I also like (more specifically to this article) how you brought religion and myth to the goings on of the world. And is it just me, or does that reference to corrupt pharmecueticals and mutated viruses shortly after the 2020s feel remarkably real?

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