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The Queen Rosary

A Cross who did bear the Splitter of Time
Children of Faith, Hope and Charity
A Cloth of a loved One
The Oil which Seals a Spirit
A Tomb of the missing Lady
Unite them all to Call Forth the Miracle of the Sun to defeat The Hour of Darkness
  Legends say an venerated beaded necklace was utilized in the prayer life or orthodox religious orders of the Universal Church. Rumors of such items are said to be counter measures against EDE rifting. The secular influences fought the practice of rosary use since it diminished the effects of the EDEs or even prevented access altogether.     The universal church in crissi of funding, obliged to the governmental agencies to forego / neglect its practice for 'Improved methods of sanctifcation". Methods or Rtites determined to be more effiicatious were Sacred Safe Space Havens, Devotion to Wildlife Imperiled of Extinction, Defending the diginity of LGBTQ souls, etc. Thus, the prayers associated with the sacramental rosary degenerated for decades. Only the most venerable know of its practice and proper application. Pope Jude declared the Rosary was no longer necessary for salvation as in past traditions. Faith in Christ alone surpasses any beads or charms man made.   Fortunately for us, a few faithful African Bishops took flight with Rosaries and brought the practice underground. The Templars treasured the Rosary for many military campaigns and agenda victories. Hence, places where diabolical influence seems weak or non existent, there is likely an active Rosary being utilized.   As the corrupting influence of the EDE expands, the need to quash any countermeasures is high on the wanted to do list. Organized mobs are unleashed to rumored areas or when a desired effect fails.
Raw materials & Components
The Queen Rosary is a world wide witness holy event that demands humanity to recall its purpose and purges all corrupting effects of extradimensional exposure. A normal rosary looks like a necklace of beads connected to an anchor of a crucifix.   The Queen Rosary can also be called a pilgrimage of sorts - challenging one to rely on his faith and perseverance to overcome difficult temporal obstacles. The cost is high, but the reward is abundant.     Long Lost relics provide clues to the whereabouts of this powerful tool against the darkness
  • The Shroud of Turin
  • The Holy Lance
  • The Seamless Garment of Christ
  • The Mandylion
  • The Scala Sancta
  • The Iron Crown of Lombardy
  • The Veil of Veronica
  • The True Cross
  •  - The Holy Grail

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