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The Veil

When the laws of physics have never applied to you because of your nature, any sudden shift to a new reality shocks the system. Gravity commandeered the process of natural levitation causing a profound plummeting sensation by all affected from the Great Rejection. Billons of aerial spirits tumbled downward through sky to an unknown fate. Crashing into to a hard cold surface floor reverberated like a hundred electric eels at once. Pain was new to them, and from that point it would always be there.   The definitive cause of their plight revealed itself ever so slightly. A thin oily layer burned red hot as each creature failed to overcome the intense psychic battle of wills against the enemy spirit. This intricate web stuck to their very being and weighed the defeated creature down to its proverbial knees. The greasy film glowed orange than searing white hot as it dragged the entangled victim down and negated any resistance to move. It would appear this sealant marked the demon for eternity.   The pitch black place denied orientation or regrouping all the more confounding the masses in their plight. From the darkness a pale light source took on a bipedal upright humanoid shape. The other beings immediately followed suit to reveal their surroundings. At best, the region had the atmosphere of an inner core of a planetary body. Volcanic, sulfuric, cavernous with a stalactites draining from the ceiling and searing red stalagmites uprising everywhere in random places. Pools of hot foul sewage bubbled furiously releasing noxious vapors to assail anyone caught in a wave of hot air.   Pandemonium went through the ranks of demons like a plague. Some telepathic reports managed to arrive for the leader. Some were trapped like sardines in can of twisted cavern struggling to maneuver. Another region described a sinking pit that swallowed legions of creatures like a merciless sticky fly trap. No one knew if they were obliterated or not.   More reports from a distant locale, a few thousand miles distance, the incessant eruption of angelic guilt took hold of the last recruits, the ones who took the longest to decide to join the rebellion. One hundredth of a second might as well be a month in terms of temporal scales for these creatures. The anguish translated to a gnawing notion that eternity could have been so much more if they choose differently. The notion shifted into a narrative, then morphed into an uncontrollable scale of panic. The very madness of their thoughts manifested into slimy barbed maggots that bored deep into the maker dining on every miserable emotion that poured from them. Desperate flailing hands flicked off some of the parasites, but more creeped out from the cursed earth in response.   The Bearer of Light shook his head in dismay at the reality of the turn of events. He looked skyward as a large glowing cloud spread like a wildfire among the delicate weave of the Veil . A few miles wide, he could see his former friends, now traitors to the cause as immense giants. A few times a single eye would obstruct the entire view of Heaven. Is this pocket so small that the legions of his cause fit inside? Of course anyone attempting to rise and traverse through the looking cloud were repulsed instantly.   Fallen Archangel Lucifer barely gave mind to his trusted lieutenants prattling on regarding the reports of the fallen company. He cursed Father and drew strength from his rage. He was right all along, "the Master" didn't love his work. Only parts of it. Any opinion of his children meant nothing. His special favorite Son was the only thing that really mattered.   "Find an opening or weak spot!" was all he managed to say. Fit to be tied, he didn't have much left of any inspiration left. "These places all have them." The new command echoed into the telepathic sea of discord. It dulled the chaotic madness for a time.   Visuals from thousands of experiences fires into his consciousness even light years away. Thoughts traveled faster than light and memories clustered as "attachments" were unpacked and displayed easily by higher creatures. These dizzying array of images bombarding any lesser being would have short circuited and killed it, but the Light bearer was the highest of his kind, and thus materialized a layout of his prison.   Yes, the plane has walls, it may be vast like a standard universe, but we are caged indeed.   Attempts to phase or dissolve through the shimmering barrier fizzled. Some higher authorities imposed all their will power against it. Other groups formed up to bring the walls down with a collision force that would rupture giant stars, only to result in the elastic give and wicked snapback like a cosmic rubber band the size of our solar system, hurling myriads of creatures for miles backward.   An image piqued the dark lords interest. A flint of light with the length of a fingernail and width of parchment caught his eye from one of the distant corners of this forsaken land. It was a rift in the grand designers precious wall.   A moments thought flickered and he arrived to the location instantly. The one who discovered it was charred, pathetic spirit caked with blood mixed in vomit. Its eyes bloodshot and rotten flesh dripping from its bony fingers made this one particularly repulsive, but nonetheless found the anomaly.   "Well done, Lillith." He instructed all nearby to guard this place and also to erect his fortress here. No one shall henceforth enter it unless expressly given his authority.   He lowered himself into the rift. To an observer, one could see a profound shrinking of his form to be able to traverse the microfracture of the wall.   Once he got through the world was far improved from the barren wasteland he came from. He recognized the place, beautiful, but not as glorious as a heavenly plane. Bustling with lifeforms, vibrant with colors and devoid of irritating pain or sufferings. Then he saw him, but apparently the creature did not notice him. The bane of his existence. The Man. He was in the Garden of Eden.   Hell's fury unleashed, but nothing happened. He looked upon his claws and caught a glimpse a shiny thin colorless wrapping around his fingers. He tried to pull the film off like dead sunburned skin, but it would snap back into place snug around his body. Oddly enough, the curtain was around him, in fact it enveloped his every joint and crevasse. He could not interact with anything in Eden at all. Blowing seeds off a dandelion plant proved too much for him.   Surely this film or saran wrap like veil compares little here than that of Hell. The devil transformed into the most ferocious thing with long hungry teeth, claws so sharp that would slice through solid rock, backed by the strength to rip mountains in half. He assailed it with fury and hatred at its weakest part, a place where the wall seemed to dance and flow with the breeze of the cool dawn wind. No sign of even a thread unfurling from its position! Undeterred, the devil summoned his legions of his mightiest angels, he had them run through formidable military formations, transform into horrific abominations, unleash every ability they were granted to thrash away the menacing soap film of a barrier. Not one rift or tear could be found anywhere.   How does ones feel looking at fish in an aquarium, yet cannot move a grain of sand inside? There is the puny Man in such sweet comfort and contentment, arranging flowers like a dolt, sunbathing in perfect temperate air conditions, swimming in crystal clear refreshing waters with fish and beast alike. Protected from even a stubbed toe! His only job is to name the animals of Eden? How did this being of dust get so much and someone like Me cursed to witness it?   The sunlight glare in a nearby glade revealed the menacing veil once more. Dust dancing on tiny streams of moving air began to accelerate and whir. The whole wall rippled as if a stone splashed through. A familiar face materialized and one that rekindled hatred of long ago.   Michael.   "Come to mock me, Archangel?"   To the human eye, the angelic spirit of Michael was a bright scintillating wisp, but to a fellow spirit, a young human handsome blond man took form in front of Lucifer. "You have not escaped Father's notice Lord of Perdition. You do not belong here. Is it your desire to be thrashed into your hellhole again?"   "You are mistaken, upstart, Father led me to Eden. How else did I get here?" if this sheet did not safeguard you, I would have disemboweled you by now.   "What do you want, little whoreling!" the new leader of the angelic host boomed his authority in the spirit realm. While spirits have no ears, their hearing sense can be barraged to inflict sharp pain.   Lucifer threw much of his willpower to avoid any display of wracking discomfort, but a slight wince bypassed containment. "How just is your God? We make one choice and are condemned forever. Yet, this one creature, man, less than all of us receives eternal bliss beneath his watchful eye? Does this pet more require tenderness because he shares His Likeness?"   "You still do not know your place! You were given everything you ever wanted to know about His Creation. You said you will not serve. Man has a fraction of your intellect and is incapable of knowing."   "So, give him the choice."   "The choice to know things like us?"   'Yes! Wager me this, little God kisser. If man can choose, he will not choose God. Because He will know. God will have to tell him everything and like my legions of demons, he will revolt in service to the Creator."   "Vile insect, you seek to destroy what God created. You shameless worm! The Veil keeps you from harming anyone, does that bother you? So you seek to steal creation itself from the Trinity. Who is like God? Answer me filthy slug!"   "Your God fears that I know the outcome of the game. that is why he keeps them on shallow instinct like a bird or cow. They know nothing but bliss. Your God is afraid that even these dim witted creatures will not love Him. Give them an option - if they choose God, may me and my brothers burn in the largest pools of hell, and throw your blasted veil atop so none can leave! If they leave, the veil is lifted for us."   The Archangel shimmered away for a time, leaving the furious Lord of Hell to his torment. Will God ignore the challenge? If he does, nothing changes for the demonic lot. Why would God consider such a proposal? If Satan was in charge of it, He would make sure there would be something of significant value in it for him. However, God is existence itself. What does a perfect being need or want?   Michael returned with an answer. 'Let it not be said God does not love his creatures. Man will be provided to make a decision. However, you will not interfere and you will not gain all of Creation if you are correct. You will be given access to it. The Veil will have doors.   The Adversary leapt at the opportunity to crush Gods creatures and His Creation. Make it a living Hell for all involved. They will be able to die!   The Dark spirit lord noticed, a ripple below him. It burned on his side bright red and traversed the invisible film layer like a sliver of shattered glass the size of a crows feather distorting light in all directions. He took the cue and transformed into a serpentine form slithering into Eden. Game time.
  The return of The Adversary erupted in howls of victorious glee. Man fell into his own way and out of Gods control. The pair of apelings were banished from paradise and will eventually die. Hopefully ending the pathetic notion that Man had any chance of surpassing even the lowest of angels in glory, let them die out like a cockroach.   Satan did not revel in the hordes joy, in fact he burned with anger. Lilith, self proclaimed daughter of the devil, finally asked what bothered him.   The reply was acid, "Did you not hear Gods words? We are condemned to slither on the earth eating dust all the days of our lives? We are stuck here. We have not been freed, we are entwined with these deplorables! Have you tried to soar past the moon? The veil constricts and confounds us even more! He tricked ME! We won entry into their realm, but the door can only be opened on their side! THEY HAVE TO CALL ON US!"   Immediately, the parade of joy collapsed into silence. It did not take long as suffering dirges of the condemned echoed throughout the abyss once more.

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