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Monsignor Jorge Lazarus

"The path is before you Jorge. together we can bring the masses of followers into the next century. Riches beyond count. Your legacy cemented with the generations of our intellect and wisdom to bear forth a whole new church. One that is not in ruin. One that can legitimately be a force among nations. A Church of the highest order and one that none will stand against." The voice was masculine, smooth and comforting.    "Or do nothing. Sit back and watch your remaining parishioners fall by the wayside to illness, imprisonment or become corrupted by the heretical faiths. See, already your trusted administrators plot against you. Challenge your direction. Question your wisdom. Mock your old , bygone education. "   Jorge snapped awake. His sleepwalking brought him out here in the catacombs of some old chapel in the secluded terrain of Venezuela. He was in some cold , dank tunnel - a layer of sewage suctioned to his ankles. A small gargoyle statue stood out nearby bathed in the moonlight from the grate above.   He knew what it represented. No, he focused a bit more. He knew what it was.   "El Diablo" he whispered in his native central American dialect.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Some of his extrasensory gifts granted to him because of his close relationship with Ashlesha are:  
  1.  Catastrophic affinity - things just don't go wrong for others around him, they tend to become a shitshow
  2. Imposing charisma - He drips of pride and seeps out authority. As long as no one questions it, people don't feel uncomfortable. however, even a counterpoint of alternate view seeks out and people within 10 feet of him feel small, unimportant or pathetic.
  3. Curse - A common spell to inflict a demonic attack on a target. The attack may result in loss of wealth, influence, minor health condition or loss of a loved pet.
  4. Money spell - If there is need to gather credits quickly, this spell taps people to donate.
  5.  Minor enchantment - through blood he can enchant an item to imbue magical elements, improve its durability, cause wounds that cannot heal, infect someone with a demonic entry point.
  6. Inclement weather - human blood can be sacrificed to cause local changes in weather. Usually a local thunderstorm is summoned.
  7. Mass suggestion - blood or tissue from an abortion can influence a local town meeting, incite a riot, influence a high profile case, or swing an election.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

An opportunist or survivor depending on what side perceives his actions. Jorge knew how not just to survive in the hostile culture, but he knew how to thrive in it. All he understood from a young age was that the stronger get what they want and the weaker just die. However, he was not a physical athlete, he survived with his wits.  He discovered that feeble could be respected in the clergy profession and he could amass influence in short order.     Jorge also is in charge of trafficking people and paying off possible "problems of the near future" threats with sex, drugs or credits. If those efforts fail, he is allowed to unleash operatives to "merciful end" the troublemaker(s).


His preferred taste is in the youth. Boys or girls. He prefers young teens because they are so fresh and new.  Once they hit twenty or so, his lustful desires are blunted because they are perceived as prostitutes, and to him, that his sinful.  He has no qualms in trafficking young men/women because he knows "there is a market for everyone" out there.


He was hailed as a man with a bright future in the universal hierarchy and took a fast track in social evangelization studies to obtain the title Monsignor earlier than most counterparts.


He served as priest for 20 years in the region of Caracas. His Duties included archeology, education administration and diocese treasurer.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His service catapulted when he discovered an ancient ruin that had a strong vein of extradimensional energy. The Church secretly reaped the fruits of this large rift with magic influence, enchanted items, alchemy never witnessed on Earth.   The once dilapidated country of Venezuela became a source of much "extradimensional oil" so to speak.   Jorge is in charge of EDE dispersion and its movements to appropriate buyers. He has been assigned a military force for his protection and prime enforcer of authority in the country.

Failures & Embarrassments

If anyone dares call him out on his holy orders or questions his behavior, they are promptly admonished. He takes great pride in his vocation and the new church as he had a role in its evolution in the current times.    He will not allow anyone who questions his "faith" or his "mission" and how truly hypocritical his career and lifestyle happens to be in reality. They will be met with fierce denial and indignant opposition.

Mental Trauma

Under the influence of the ETE entity calling itself Aslesha, the corrupting influence seeks to be freed from imprisonment of the EDE plane , so it seeks out ways to amplify its power in the realm. Nightmares, carnal acts, abominable desecrations, and eventual worship are the goal of Aslesha so He can build enough power to break free.

Intellectual Characteristics

When not under the influence of Aslesha, Jorge is quite intelligent and crafty. He does not like being used, but he knows the relationship of the demon is like a battered wife. All he can do he simp favor the demon to avoid brutal retributions.
blonde, but thin
5 '8
Known Languages
Spanish, English, Italian

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Cover image: Regent - Dishonored by Bethseda Softworks by pelengart


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