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"Your insolence has gone on long enough. Cardinal Von Mueller will be notified and I am sure your rank and mitre will be stripped." blood spurted from his swelling nose and the miffed acolyte took off like a wounded fawn. "Ah , now you done it, boy." Father Altman stared down his young pupil. Logan smiled sheepishly. They both could no longer contain their laughter.
Cardinal is a rank, title, and honorific for a very high official in the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinals are appointed by the Pope and are members of the College of Cardinals, the body that elects the Pope. There are three ranks of cardinal:
    1. Cardinal bishops are bishops of sees (a post or church) near Rome.
    2. Cardinal priests are bishops outside of the vicinity of Rome. Of the archbishops who lead archdioceses in the United States only some are cardinals. Elevating an archbishop or bishop to the rank of cardinal is at the discretion of the Pope.
    3. Cardinal deacons are bishops who hold positions in the curia (the papal government) in Rome.

But Those Days are Long Gone


Now? You got to know the right people. Do and say the right things. It is very much a Club setting and if you don't mind the club etiquette and cultural taboos of the College of Cardinals, you can move up the ranks quickly. In other words, the corrupt things you are willing to do, you make a name for yourself.


Oh how it used to be such a worthy vocation to serve the Church in soul and spirit! Today, the Vatican operates 90% as a sovereign secular nation and 10% with some religious /supernatural culture.  In general you need to be charismatic, fully versed in social elite etiquette, speak clearly and with legalistic mindfulness, must give lip service to Social Justice causes and be repulsed by anything orthodox in the faith.


Palatial housing/ quarters, fine food and dining budgets, all travel expenses are covered. Health Insurance and Care is beyond any normal person. They live quite well for those who give their lives to the Church. That vow of poverty thing? Ya, that for the priests.. Not for the Cardinals


Cardinals are titled "Princes of the Church" - The cardinals were, from a very early period, assistants of the pope in his liturgical functions, in the care of the poor, the administration of papal finances and possessions, and the synodal disposition of important matters. They took on a very much greater importance, however, after the decree of Nicholas II (1059), “In nomine Domini”, regulating papal elections.
by cybercatholic
(Left)St. Thomas Beckett portrayed by Richard Burton in the 1964 Film "Becket"
(right) Current Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York
(Middle) Former Governor of New York Cuomo
One of our spies caught a glimpse of their true form behind closed doors. This explains a lot, my fellow Defiants!
Form of Address
Your Eminence
Equates to
Cabinet leaders to an executive branch - Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of the Interior, etc.  King / Emperor/ Dictator Advisors
Source of Authority
The Pope
Length of Term
At the pleasure of the Pope
St. Beckett was among the greats when the hierarchy of the Church had men who knew what to do and when to do it. May the Church bring forth a Becket or many like him, so the Church can prosper as intended. Amen - Exorcist Fr. Ryper

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Cover image: Cardinal by David Galopim


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