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Blood Lake of Cook County

Lukas maintained a decent tail but kept a fair distance away from the limousine as they wound around the worn roads through the hillside. A large body of water came into view on the drivers side and a moment or two later, signs for Cook Lake Park popped up tempting tourists and camping enthusiasts. His memory got caught up in some of the local legends of the Bloody Lady of the Lake or how someone drowned because of toxic waste. The limo slowed down as a gated driveway appeared. The Square and Compass symbol of the Freemasons in plain view.
Every Spring Bloom of algae erupts causing a layer of rose red on this lake. The authorities deny any supernatural connection, but local residents claim the lake was never this way until Late October of 2050. Some blame the construction of a gated Masonic community on the nearby hillside. They say sewage or draining waste contributed or even initiated this toxic surface plant. For those who have more of an imagination, rumors of witchcraft or demonic curse may be the reason for such seasonal plagues.  


Surprisingly when the bloom is not at full strength, fishing and diving is still safe. In fact locals say the algae pushes the schools of fish to the lake edges, allowing a better chance of reel in a big one. Those who live off the lake resources are teasingly called Leechers, because they suck the life out of the lake, causing it to bleed every year.    


A regional swim competition takes place here called Summer Outdoor festival - It is designed to attract hundreds of open water swim competitors. Typical races are 500 yard, 1000 yard, 1 mile and 5 mile swim races. It is almost a rite of passage for the region to swim/bathe in the Blood lake of Cook County

Mythology & Lore

A daughter of an aspiring political figure was an avid swimmer and practiced often on the Lake as well as personal enjoyment. One night a small band of teenagers who were "just having fun" spotted the swimmer and decided to prank her. The boys put on masks and quietly surrounded her as she floated on her raft. They surfaced with their Halloween masks terrifying her and causing her to get entangled in her raft. The raft punctured and she was unable to break free and drown.   Conspiracy tales debunk this event citing she was a strong swimmer, in fact one of the top female athletes on her team. There was some friction with another teammate, a recent transitioning male who was also vying for top position. All the "revelers" were on the swim team in recent past, but were kicked off for historical bad choices. Mocking other teammates, having sex with other teammates and bullying the new transgender swimmer. A slaughtered chicken was discovered at the camp and its blood was sprinkled in a semi circular pattern suggesting some occult involvement.    What is more interesting is that the tragic event struck home during the election cycle and the state senator who was comfortably ahead in the polls pulled out of the race due to tragedy and was put on suicide watch.    To this day some folk swear they can see a bloody hand, foot or female face occasionally surface amidst the scarlet bloom of the Lake. They are not if she is calling out for vengeance or mercy, no one knows.    Rumors are growing that the Masonic community has erected a temple to the Blood Maiden of Cook Lake and mine for extradimensional resources there. Others say the father went mad and placed on a curse on the lake.

By the depths of the Blood Lake pray it is not so!

Algae bloom examples
Alternative Names
Demon Lake, Cursed Lake, Lady of Blood Lake,
Leechers, Bloodbathers

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