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The Beast of Men

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In this World the line between beast and men are almost one in the same. All men are beasts but not all beasts are men. All men have the supernatural ability to transform into wild beasts but still maintain their mind and thumbs which allow them to increase their raw power of a normal human. Supernatural isn’t super in this world ,their senses are sharp but only to the Particular beast they can transform into. Although In Crescent Moon Kingdom it's a violation to transform outside of your clans territory although some beastmen can’t help it naturally. They are required to have Spirit gems to prevent it, well trained beastmen don’t need them. Only 2 races of beastmen naturally can’t help their transform. Wolves when hit with moonlight will start to transform aggressively ,you rarely see this because the wolves are the majority of the Kingdom and have generational knowledge of how to increase their will power. Will power is what controls the transformation of beastmen there are 3 stages Men, Beastmen, Complete Beast. So having high willpower is everything in this world it can increase your stats all around. The other beastmen race that naturally cannot control their transform are lions, 3x a day they have the possibility of transforming against their will . Daybreak , high noon and Sunset. When lions are hit with sunlight during those hours of the day there transform is almost instantaneously. Other races can lose control by losing their temper .A few races actually practice being in there complete beast form. Because it’s easy to lose control and stay a beast forever. So naturally most practice there beastmen form. Changing constantly does increase your willpower. One cannot use there magic while in there complete beast form unless they are a demon beast. Demon beast roam Pangea the motherland continent . While using magic powers can make you stronger in this supernatural world physical strength is still superior to magic, sometimes even the strongest magic can’t affect a strong body. Although everyone is a beastmen, publicly everyone maintains their human form. CrestMoon Kingdom is Ruled by the Moon family they have ruled Pangea for 2 centuries now there power and knowledge is unmatched. This Story is about the Moon trying to outshine the Sun.

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