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The Atlamb Expanse

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Welcome to the Atlamb Expanse, my attempt to create a world not so different from our own, for the purpose of some day telling stories in it. The Atlamb Expanse has been a project of mine for years that was transferred over to World Anvil in about May of 2018, and has only gotten better and better since. I created the world in part around three big goals that I wanted to achieve.  
  • One, to create a world that politically, religiously, and so forth, has a long, and believable history for the reader to explore. As someone who has studied both history and politics, providing the feeling of something new just around the corner to learn and discover is a big motivation of mine in creating the Atlamb Expanse.
  • Two, to the make the world as realistic as I can, while also providing something unique. To do this a lot of my world's empires, religion, resources, and peoples are based off real life parallels, altered in some way. Fear not though, there are no pure stand-ins and I try to make everything as new and unique as I can.
  • Last, but certainly not least, to make magic something strange and something mysterious. Barely existing in my world, magic is not something most people, or even empires will ever encounter or truly be aware of. Existing in the forgotten edges of the world, and in its darkest recesses, magic is more often than not something both beautiful and horrifying. For this reason the Atlamb Expanse is a low magic setting.

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