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The Clockwork Dragon

The pride of the Zeltanian Kingdom and the Clockwork Tower Company, the Clockwork Dragon is the newest prototype of a long-distance airship launched into mass-production. Initially introduced as the solution to long-distance transportation of goods, it was actually an attempt to circumvent the perils of travelling accross Hell's Gate. While within Zeltania travel was fascilitated by the Clockwork Railroad, travel to and trade with other nations was still slow and difficult. The Clockwork Dragons - large airships powered by the patented and unique Hearthheart Engine - were presented as a more sustainable replacement for building teleportation towers everywhere. For now, only fifteen Clockwork Dragons have been produced, however they have already shown themselves to be very useful and it is rumored that variations of the Dragon are in production, including smaller, faster versions for personal and recreational use.   All Clockwork Dragons are property of the Clockwork Tower Company, and thus indirectly belong to Zeltania. However, a number of contracts have been established for transport of goods between nations, including those supplied by the Blue Lion Merchant Guild.

Power Generation

Like almost all creations of the Clockwork Tower Company, the Clockwork Dragon runs on the Hearthheart Engine - a powerful condensator of magic from the surrounding area, which allows for practically wasteless generation of large amounts of energy to sustain the entire mechanism. The exact process of how the engine works is a mystery, a secret the Clockwork Tower Company protects with the ferocity of a dragon guarding his hoard.    The primary function of the engine is to create an anti-gravity field around the airship, allowing it to stay afloat. Additionally, it powers the various systems within the ship, including propulsion jets and arcane canons installed for self-defense.

Weapons & Armament

The Clockwork Dragon is a transport vehicle first and foremost and thus has very limited combat capabilities, which are further limited by its size and the related lack of maneuverability. However, to protect the cargo carried by the ship, the Dragon possesses four arcane canons located in the hold, which are powered by the ship's Hearthheart Engine and thus are able to be used even by those who do not know magic (albeit with greater difficulty). In order to properly use the canons, the airship should not be moving, as using both the propulsors and the canons could overload the engine. It is rumored that the Clockwork Dragon is a prototype for a more advanced military airship, however the Clockwork Tower Company denies this.
25,000 gp
Very Rare
100 ft.
4 miles per hour (96 miles per day)
Complement / Crew
20 crew minimum; 40 crew optimally
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
200 tons; 60 passengers

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Dec 24, 2023 15:30 by Sailing Ocelot

Love a good airship! You've added some lovely context with your vehicle here, I like how you mention its manufacturer which seems to have a big sway in this part of your world. It'd be great to learn more about what the Clockwork Dragon looks like. (I bet its super impressive!)   I would certainly not mess with those cannons either!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot