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Once populated by giantfolk, Velija now serves as one of the final passive bastions before the front lines and turmoil of west coast Tropico. The city stands on the island of Artoneva, between the continents of Ayen and Tropico. Ruled by the Asyrican military, the city has a vast and diverse population, who inhabit an enormous solitary castle made from white stone, which rises over white cliffs and ocean. Most of the population of Velija fight for survival in a city overgrown with blooming pink flowers, trimmed by sectechs, though a priviliged upper class has developed a unique set of customs and traits unique to the island setting. In the upper classes, trends are a matter of life and death.   The despot, General Cassius Buccio operates a strong guard of watchwards, who watch over the cityfolk and ensure no one steps out of line. The encampments of the Bailey lend themselves to biopunk hippies, exempt from law - a community who have developed their own culture and hierarchy.


Velija can be divided into several classes. Primarily; the military class, tasked with protecting the people and keeping Velija from rival armies; the lowest class, residing in Heaven's Kitchen and the newly built Skyshacks; the hippies, who live in Bailey encampments, namely West Parsley and the Tawny Treads; and the upper and middle classes, Velija's workers and oublic servants, from Tower West and Tower East, respectively.   In regards to species, Velija is human-dominated, with the human population making up about 80% of the entire population. Other prominent races include gnomes and elves. Heaven's Kitchen is home to plenty of racial enclaves, of tieflings and dragonborn, though they keep to their own.   Ethnically, the population is very diverse, hailing from all over the All Sanctum, though primarily from Asyrica and Tropico, the latter being refugees from the mainland or travellers from the archipelago.


For much of its history, Velija was governed by a peaceful race of giantfolk. In recent years, however, the Asyrican military - under orders from the Adium Asai, Asyrica's leader, Galatea - have evicted the giantfolk, though some are enslaved working on the city walls, for the purpose of gaining a bastion close to the Tropican mainland. The cruel General Cassius Buccio, Galatea's aide-de-camp rules in her stead, from his tower above the city.


The city of Velija was originally a city of giants, who built an enormous expanse of thick sewer pipes throughout the walls. These are now used for smuggling operations and criminal syndicates, hidden from the rest of the city. A newer system of pipes is currently being constructed under the city. The outer walls of the city are extremely well-forticated, over ten meters thick at most points.


The city is separated into several districts. These include the two towers, Tower East and Tower West, which are mainly residential areas. To the east is East Market, where most businesses operate from, and to the west is Heaven's Kitchen, a ruined slum home to only two buisness.   To the north are districts entirely off-limits to the average citizen. The barracks, Buccio's manor, and the Oculus Trust building reside here.

Points of interest

Velija has many points of interest for the average citizen or tourist.     Heaven's Kitchen  
  • Sunnytimes Coffeehouse: This 24/7 coffeehouse is run by its slightly agoraphobic owner, Vanya. Kept to impeccable standards, the coffeehouse is out of place in Heaven's Kitchen. Unfortunately, patrons tend to stear clear, due to its environment. Vanya therefore makes little profit and is unable to offer more than a safe place for the downtrodden to stay at odd hours, and a daily soup which has remained the same for months.
  • Downer Diner: A sort of antithesis to the Sunnytimes Coffeehouse, the Downer Diner operates at odd business hours, generally due to the fluctuating sleep schedule of the manager, Amos Twill. Customers are encouraged to show up whenever they like, though there's a 50/50 chance it won't be open - don't both searching for opening hours. There, you can enjoy cheap (though weak) coffee, and occasional meat pies. Amos and Vanya despise each other, but both have an attachment to their establishments which has prevented them from leaving. Until now.
  The Bailey  
  • The Tawny Treads: The largest hippie encampment in The Bailey, The Tawny Treads are led by Superintendent Lev. The people of The Tawny Treads are gently folk with a deep appreciation for nature and the ways it can be manipulated to serve alongside humanity. Lev hosts sermons where this ideology is spread. Several scientists oversee biogical enhancements to much of its population. It is not uncommon to see someone with cat ears, too many limbs, or a strange ticking sound coming from somewhere in their neck. The Tawny Treads mainly consist of tarpaulin tents in trees, as well as metal shacks.
  • West Parsley: West Parsley crouches in the shadow of Tower West. It is contained by a ramshackle metal fence – pieces of scrap tin forged roughly together. A dangerous place, generally unlawful and rough, West Parsley is currently quarantined due to an intense strain of plague. Far from the nuance of the Treads, Parsley is not overseen by a particular figure or idealogue, nor does it operate under any kind of regimen or system of thought. Not a recommended tourist destination, unless you happen to be a practicing nudist or violent anarchist.
  East Market  
  • Magic Marcel's
  • Josephine Suits
  • Arms of Steel
  The Pipes   Giants Hill
Alternative Name(s)
The Giant City
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