Nantenor Henrane

Dantenor Henrane was a Tiomeran elf who spearheaded the research into Atmospheric Equalization in Eauviron. In 6712AV he went missing during an expedition into the Shimmering Depths.

Early Life

Nantenor was brought up in a small family in Tiomera. From a young age he pursued a life as a cleric of Zevira in the Windcatcher Temple but chose a different path as a researcher in Eauviron instead after the faith left him feeling unfulfilled and unaccomplished. In Eauviron his knowledge of weather and the winds made it able for him to lead investigation into Stillwind Spheres and the theory of Atmospheric Equalization.


The research led Nantenor onto a path of discovery and exploration trying to find the remains of the lost city of Kaepolis and specifically Kalaera, the legendary fan of Zevira. A few years into his research, an old report of an odd structure deep in the ocean spotted by the crew of a Depth Bell came to his attention. The crew had investigated it and quickly came to realize it was a gigantic labyrinth. Inside they found remnants and artifacts of unknown civilizations. Attempts to remove these artifacts were halted by strong Abjuration magic. Nantenor put together a crew and set out to find this structure. Only a few members of his crew made it back to Tiomera more than two years after they had set out on their quest. The survivors reported that the diving bell malfunctioned and most of the crew had been attacked by a group of Mantadrakes. Nantenor and some other crewmembers had made their way into the labyrinth while others made their way back to their vessel. While awaiting their return, a storm swept the vessel away from its position and the crew could was not able to navigate back to the position of the labyrinth. Nantenor was never seen or heard from ever since.


There are many rumors surrounding Nantenor, his departure from the temple of Zevira and his research into Stillwind Spheres might mean he had turned into an Acolyte of the Stillwinds. Some say the story of Nantenor's disappearance is completely false and he never found the Labyrinth. Instead they think that part of the crew got sick of searching for something that did not exist for years and there was a mutiny. Others say Nantenor might have found some secret in the labyrinth and still lives beneath the waves unlocking the arcane mysteries locked away by an elder deity or other being.
Year of Birth
6603 AV 135 Years old
Light blue
Short Blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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