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The settlement of Kaepolis was a town on the shores of the Shimmering Depths in Aergys. Its exact location has been lost to time, as it has been swept away by the sea in the year 6172.

Lost Culture

According to legend, the town of Kaepolis was a self sustaining settlement on the seaside that was not part of any major traderoutes but instead provided all it needed for itself with the bountiful waters and fertile lands around Kaepolis. The little contact the town had with the outside world was with the few merchants that did go out of their way to go to the town. The Kaepolians often traded rice and salted fish. One of the few remnants of Kaepolis is the sculptures and art some merchants bought and and brought with them to other parts of the world. These artpieces would often depict intricately carved cephalopods as well symbols related to the ocean deity Ebaqu. Religious historians believe that the town was destroyed by the wrath of this deity but for what reason remains unclear.

Lost and Afloat

The legend tells of a fortune teller coming to the town and warning them to construct a great boat, as a flood would come within the year. Most Kaepolians did not heed this warning, but just to be sure, a few people started constructing their own rafts and boats. On the day the flood came, the water first retreated and left the ocean floor bare. Some people went out to explore this new terrain, but when they noticed the gigantic wave approaching them, it was already too late. As the sea swallowed the town whole and swept it out to sea, there were several people who survived by clinging onto the floating remnants of Kaepolis. Those who believed the fortune teller had mostly been able to cling to their rafts and boats. As the whole town got swept out to sea, the people found their rafts afloat in the open ocean. As they encountered other survivors, they would tie their rafts together. This massive raft slowly turned into a floating settlement and was the origins of the raft city of Tiomera. It would be over a full year before the rafts would see land again, being kept at sea by weather and waves, the people only barely survived through collaboration, hard work and a fair amount of suffering. The arcane prowess, wisdom and guidance of Esmeralda Filorinte was instrumental in the surviving of Tiomera. When eventually the Tiomerans reached a shore, some decided to disembark the floating settlement and start their life anew on land, but most decided they would venture further into the world on the rafts that they now called home.


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