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The 7th of 10th

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High above Faerun an eternal city sprawls throughout the heavens. Ravnica-City Of A Thousand Dreams. Great civilizations have been built, rose to prominence, and then turned to ash. Maelstroms plague the world below, and souls sent to the afterlife tormented in Purgatory.   Those on Ravnica never cared.   The pearly gates. Heaven. The Room of Guf. Universe 2.0. It has been called many things, and only once the guildpact was shattered on December 21st, did Ravnica suddenly become revealed to the world. An eternally unreachable plane where everyone has a purpose. Poverty is a choice. 10 Guilds, aspects of the universe, have kept the city functioning for thousands of years with an absentee god.   A Mega City of magic, life, death, corruption and extortion--Heaven has fallen a long way from the legends.   Turns out even God can't get rid of taxes.

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