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The 5th Dimension

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The 5th Dimension came into existence at the birth of the multiverse. It has always existed on the fringes of reality, a universal constant. Three of space, one of time, and one of arcane.   Eons would pass, stars, worlds and even life would come and go but the 5th Dimension would lay tranquil, an untouched facet, the hidden aspect. But it was not to last... perhaps even inevitable. A sentient race, highly developed and masters of the scientific method would push the limits of their knowledge, skill and prowess to prove that they really were the masters of their own reality. This creation was a masterpiece, at least in principle. A new world that mirrored their own, a parallel plane of existence.   They could not have foreseen its interactions with this unknown arcane dimension, nor the unfortunate demise that would befall their race at the moment of its fabrication. This “Otherworld” would trigger an energy cascade within the 5th, a series of events that would culminate the eventual setting you are about to explore.   A true parallel universe, the Etherium... the Bastion.   This is a setting of wondrous arcane magic, cosmic exploration and pure adventure. Inside this collection of articles you will find the story of Bastion, a mortal realm drifting through a vast arcane sea. This realm consists of a large variety of different and wondrous worlds, but probably the most important of these is a large, stable region at the very center of this veritable mini-universe known by its inhabitants, as Bastion. In fact this entire settings very existence is owed to the early events of The 4th Race. Together they create the multiverse known as Kindred and their parallel settings are truly intertwined in strange and wonderful ways that are just waiting to be discovered.  

The 4th Race
The 5th
      This universe is still very much a work in progress and we have so much add ! Please enjoy what we have created so far but understand that building two worlds takes a lot of time <3  

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