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The title of BattleMage has only been granted once in known history. Several thousand years ago, before the world changed and the shape of the face of the world became what is known today, a great conflict, known as The Deathless War, the title was given to the leader of all combined forces of more than twenty nations. It was an agreed upon title, and it was only conferred after deep discussion and consideration. It was granted to Urixe Mæyre, for his tactical and strategic prowess, his charismatic ability to bring all the disparate nations together.

It was a title of purpose in a desperate time of distress and continuous battle, both physical and magical. It was given out of necessity to ensure that there was no question as to whom the final decisions laid. And it was also a title that bound the commanders to him for the duration of the remaining war. It allowed him to overcome them and insist they follow orders. It didn’t take away their free will, unless he cast them within a geas, but they were still wary of them relinquishing their freewill, thus the considerable negotiation first.

The necessity for such supreme control has not been required since this ancient incident. It is thought that, in modern times, there is no such person that could wield that amount of power, magical, physical, and charismatic, that could achieve such a thing. There has been no need to try, for since the emergence of the Mysted Mæyre and the redistribution of the rest of the nations, no such great conflict has presented itself. That isn’t to say that no conflicts existed, for those are inevitable, but none that happened occured to such a scale as to employ and invoke the title of BattleMaster upon a commander over a multinational force.  

It is a title mostly lost to history, a trivia piece for history buffs. However, it is know to all the highest ranking military commanders of the nations of Cræy and the Triad because they never know when one of them may be called to take up this mantle, if they capable and worthy.
Civic, Military, Commissioned

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24 Aug, 2022 11:56

Nice! I like that, even though the BattleMage title has only been granted once before, there is the potential it could be granted again. (I imagine that given the gravity of the situation needing a BattleMage there is some trepidation in the commanders' when they think of it.)