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Almighty Lord Of Light (a.k.a. Father)

Arba is the first member of The Shalotheis. He is father over all of creation and the source of all love, light, and goodness.

Divine Domains

Arba rules over all of creation from the sea, to the mountains to the stars.

Holy Books & Codes

Arba's holy book are the Holy Scrolls given by his son Emeth and their counterpart, Ruach.


The Weeks of Mourning and Jubilee, is a two-week religious festival that observes the sacrifce of Emeth and his subsequent victory in battle against Anan. The week of Emeth's death, the people fast while meditating on Emeth's core teachings of his blood sacrifice being the price for freedom. The week of his resurrection is full of jubilant feasting and remembrance and celebration of Emeth's teachings of eternal life in him.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Arba desires to become one with his created beings and live among them in eternal happiness. However, evil must first be purged so that eternity is not tainted by it.

Personality Characteristics


Arba wants nothing more than to spend eternity with humanity and bring all humans back to himself.


Family Ties

Arba created humanity to be his family. However, they were led astray by Anan, causing them to be separated from him. Thanks to Emeth's sacrifice, this was rectified. Even so, not all will choose to return to their divine father. Arba views humanity as children, not in a condescending way, but in the same way a parent views their baby.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Current Residence
Arba resides in heaven, sitting on the Throne Of Lights.
Light blue and glowing.
Shoulder-length and glows as white as hot metal with divine glory.
Aligned Organization

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