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Traveling Tavern

No one who sees the tavern has ever gone out and looked for it. And those that go out and look for it has never found it.   Popular saying about the Traveling Tavern.
  You would never guess by looking at the tavern that it is one of the The Mortal Realm's great mysteries. What makes this particular tavern unique is that it has a habit of disappearing somewhere through the night, only to reappear somewhere else entirely. Stories tell of the tavern moving a few miles at time and at other it moves across entire continents.   No one knows where the Traveling Tavern came from and no one knows why it disappears but patrons who have visited the mysterious establishment claim it was the best food they have ever eaten.


When you enter the Traveling Tavern you would not know that there was anything magical about it. The main room has 4 simple walls with a few chairs and tables strewn around. In the one corner a large fireplace stands and in the opposite side of the room a bar is visible.

Contents & Furnishings

The main room is simply furnished. A couple of four-legged chairs are positioned around simple wooden tables. There are a handful of these arrangements across the room.   The sleeping quarters are not much different. The tavern has the option of single or double rooms. The double room hosts one more bed than the single. Otherwise the room comes with a wooden desk and chair and a candle.


From the outside the tavern looks like any other you would find in a major city or a small town. The walls are made of stone, reinforced with wooden beams. The windows are grimy to the point where you can just about see through them with wooden lintels that are slowly rotting away. The roof is covered in red roof tile with a few having fallen off during the years. These gaps have been haphazardly replaced with wooden planks that are quickly starting to show their age.


Nothing is truly known about the traveling tavern. It has been mentioned in a few myths and legends through the years, but is usually put down as a folktale or the ramblings of madmen. The tales do stretch as far back as the Second Age.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Teleporting Tavern
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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