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The Damning Letter of Josephine the Traitor

Josephine the Traitor, previously known as Josephine the Shining, was wife to Lord Regent Michael while he was leader of Gillborne. When the Dawn Wars started she was no longer able to meet with he secret lover, the prince of The Kingdom of Duchel . As such she took to writing letters, that she had sent with her personal messenger hawk.   One day, while out hunting in the royal woods with his men the king spotted a hawk he did not recognise, with a letter attached to it. Assuming the bird was sent by a spy in his keep to the enemy he shot it down and retrieved the letter.   When Josephine's secret was discovered the king had her thrown into the dungeon and branded a traitor. After the war he exiled her from the kingdom. She made for the kingdom of Duchel to meet up with her prince but, having limited knowledge of the surrounding country, she decided to venture through the Beast Woods to reach him.   She was never heard from again and the prince assumed she had fallen out of love with him and devoted herself entirely to her husband. The king, who never heard from her again, assumed she had made her way back to the prince and they were living happily together. These assumptions made the two kingdoms bitter rivals for many years to follow.


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