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The Blind Hedge Battles

During the Dawn Wars the kingdoms of Gillborne and The Kingdom of Duchel battled for control of the Beast Woods. This area formed a pivotal section of the border between the two kingdoms. If one or the other could manage to take control of this area, it meant a much more advantageous point to launch future incursions into the the opposing country.   A problem that both sides faced, however, was the extreme danger of the Beast Woods. Neither side was prepared for the loss of life required to have their troops march the journey through the woods only to fight a battle on the other side.   Instead they each setup a military camp on their respective sides of the woods and deployed summoners. Each summoner would conjure champions and familiars that would traverse the deadly woods and, if they made it to the other side, would then attack the opposing countries summoners.   This line of battle lasted almost as long as the Dawn Wars with minimal casualties on either side. Once the wars were over neither kingdom had won any ground around the Beast Woods.

The Conflict


Each side had deployed their summoners and casters allong a line parallel to the treeline of the Beast Woods. Trenches and other defences were built to ensure the safety of their own casters. Daily, a handful of wizards would be assigned to venture about 100m into the forest and place detection seals and spells.


The battlefield itself was rarely in the proximity of the casters. After summoning their combatants they would sit back and anxiously await a response. Either the familiar would be destroyed in the forest or out. If it was destroyed outside of the forest the assumption was that the defences of the other force was sufficient to repel the attack. If it was destroyed within the forest with non-magical means then something large and dangerous had come across it's path. This happened very regularly and reinforced the need for such a indirect form of warfare. The last possibility is that the conjuration met with an opposing familiar that was powerful enough to best it. In this case the rest of the wizards on duty would be notified and the watchmen would be on alert for incoming attacks.


The conditions for the combatants were fairly comfortable. While the constant threat of enemy familiars loomed over their heads the defences set in place was sufficient to protect the main camp. This meant that time spent off duty was relaxing and enjoyable.
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