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Soul Sound Quest

When a bard graduates from any of the eligible college's they are tasks with going on their Soul Sound Quest, also just know as their Quest. They do this to find their Soul Sound. The one true melody that resonates with their very soul.   When a bard has found his song he is seen having truly graduated and is allowed to apply for official bard positions within the various kingdoms.


No one is sure when this tradition started. It predates even the first official bard college's. In those days bards would learn their craft from other members in the community. Once they felt they were ready, or simply when they became bored with playing the same three songs over again, they would set out on their Quest.   Many of the most famous songs played in taverns to this day came to the bards on their Quests. Unfortunately, some never find their Soul Song and are forever searching.


Once a bard graduates from their respective college they will set out into the world. Their goal is to experience as much of the world as they can. This will allow them to learn the musical arts from as many unique cultures and sources as they can.


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