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Planar Peering Ritual

A ritual that allows the one that performs it to discern truths from other planes.   Once the ritual is completed the casters consciousness is extracted from their physical body and thrown into the space between the planes. Here, they take the shape of an orb of pure energy. This energy is a manifestation of the casters spirit and therefore unique to them. The caster is able to direct where their energy-selves travel within this in-between space.   This ritual only lasts a for 15 minutes. In this time the caster needs to willingly return to their physical body or risk the ritual expiring while their spirit is separated. Wise casters know to add a fail-safe to the ritual that will automatically, albeit very forcefully, return their spirit to their physical body. If this is not done and the caster's spirit is outside of their body when the ritual ends the link between them is severed. Several other rituals can reattach the link from spirit to body but a natural reunion is no longer possible.


Planar Peering has been performed since the dawning of time when the first being discovered their realm was not the only one in the universe.


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