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The pinnacle of Chimedae culture is achieving Ornica, the culmination of all their mutations and adaptations, and their final evolution. Antomna is a curse that prevents this final stage, and having it is considered a fate worse that death.    While Antomna does prevent Ornica, it is not a barrier that prevents finalization. Instead, Antomna completely removes this process, leaving the body and magic to reek havoc upon itself. Instead of gradually becoming attuned to a certain type of magic or element, the body usually pushes out old and outdated mutations to make room for new ones. This usually follows a scale of progression; for example if a cursed were to travel from a forest to a tundra, they would replace their enhanced hearing for enhanced sight, and so on and so forth. However there are often times where completely unnecessary replacements happen, and a tail modification is thrown out in favor of a digitigrade one. Similarly, there are cases where the body refuses to replace any magic or mutation, and instead cram more magic into the body. These cases end up with the cursed either unable to function properly, or driven mad by the strain.


Those that are cursed with Antomna have a rune seared onto a part of their body. The rune is mostly harmless, however it heats up to nearly unbearable levels when the cursed is near a type of magic that they haven't come across yet.


Without a path to follow the magic and mutations within the affected Chimedae become restless and excitable. This reflects in the cursed's mental state as well, with those affected by Antomna having an assortment of mental conditions including; anxiety, paranoia, and insomnia.


Antomna was created by Lacazuli, the Diety of the second Moon Numb, in the midst of the Great War. Jealous of the natural magic prowess that the Chimedae and agitated by the pride of their gods, they created Antomna in retaliation. They cast the curse on millions of Chimedae, including several avatars, and sent the race into turmoil. The ensuing conflict between Lacazuli and several Chimedae gods resulted in the near destruction of Numb, and the thirteenth cycle of Calliphari. In the end the majority of those with Antomna were relieved of the curse, but as with the Rule of Curses, 35 Chimedae were left unaffected.

Cultural Reception

Those cursed by Antomna are looked on with pity and disgust by the general Chimedae populace.
Affected Species

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