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What happens to a world after the Mad King falls? When new kingdoms form in his place and people forget why they threw him down in the first place. What happens when the new conquerer is rumored to be the mad king come again, and people whisper about the deceased Queen's failure to protect her people from both the power-hungry conqueror on their doorstep and the neighbor-king in her bed, who seems intent on trampling their traditions and government? Twelve years have passed since the Norholdian Empire subsidized Leeara. Empress Arna of Norhold rules Leeara through a puppet king, her husband, King Reginald of Lathbann. Rumors abound that she killed the last Queen for power and is even now hunting down Queen Iris' daughters, who never returned to their father's fortress. Meanwhile, King Julius of Thainhow and his son, Crown Prince Ashrill rage a desperate war against the empire that took their family from them. With resources evaporating, and allies scarce, they must assure victory soon or else fold into the Norholdian Empire. Their one desperate hope, the secret Queen Iris should never have shared.    In a world gone mad, sisters Eli and Lily do what they must in order to survive, but hiding in plain sight is no longer an option. When the time comes to flee, where do they go? And when the time comes to fight, who can they trust to stand with them?

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