Terraia Silver Sands

The Water Year of Mithril

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It's tiring having to learn EVERYTHING about a Game World - every divinity, every continent, every landmark, every language, every city and even the famed heroes have never been heard of before. It's time for the echoes of our real-world knowledge to be rewarded - heroes and landmarks should be familiar to some degree - but not so much so that it's boring. Terraia (Terra and Gaia) is just such a setting. It's a role-playing setting in a world where Atlantis has not sunk, and where the elements of history and fiction are woven together in a new way. It is a non-traditional, fantasy setting with a mixture of the unique and the known.

Who wants to learn yet another fantasy realm on the brink? Silver Sands uses the AD&D 2nd Edition RPG, but also uses elements of earlier and later versions, all with one aim - greater player control over how their characters develop.

This Worldanvil site is the RPG Codex for the Silver Sands setting. This codex is a hub connecting you to both the unique elements of the Silver Sands campaign setting and resource sites.

Welcome to a World in the throes of Titanic changes. It is a place of planetary and temporal upheavals where entire continental dangers are now only a secondary problem - the skies themselves seem to be turning against it.

And players are stuck in the middle of it,
left without a clue of what is happening,
or who and what they are.

It's survival of the forgetful.

But also a time to start anew.

The Water Year of Mithril


Silver Sands

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

The World is in turmoil with changes to everything.

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