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"Outerlander" is the generic term assigned by anthropologist to a veriety of peoples and cultures who dwell in the Outerlands of Terra-4. The planet of Terra-4 has two major zones: Terrabor and the Outerlands. Terrabor is the result of intense and successful terraformation and invasive species. The Outerlands, however, have yet to be impacted so greatly by this human colonization. Instead of adapting the enviroment to humanity, in the Outerlands, humanity had to adapt to its environment.


Sapiens Terraquattor Humus - Ground Dwellers

South to the region of Terrabor, one finds a new type of human. These humans have adapted to lives underground away from the desert's hot rays. The humans have evolved unique and new physical traits such as superior night vision to help them see in caves, larger and stronger hands to help them tunnel and dig their homes, and smaller frames to help them survive on less food. They also typically have tougher skin especially on their feet and hands.

Ground dwellers have extremely stong grips and tendon strength in there hands and forarms. Their legs and hips, however, are seemingly less developed when comepared to other human species and they are less skilled runners.

They live on a diet of Terra-4's underground flora and fauna. Native Terra-4 species tend to be high in iron. This has caused ground dweller digestive systems to have a lesser ability to absorb iron from food in order to avoid organ failure caused by an iron overdose. A trait that causes them to be anaemic when living on most Terrabor diets.

Ground Dwellers also colorblind when compared to their Terrabor cousins. Rather than a defict however, this differece in rods and cones allows for superior vision in dark enviroments. Many ground dwellers are capable of navigating dark underground paths without light at all.

Scientific Name
sapiens terraquattor humus

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