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High Forgeman


There are no qualifications other than the approval of the region's counsel.


The appoitee is branded with the three rings of Atom in front of the counsel of the region they will oversee and they are to forswear all loyalty to any human nations in the name of chaos incarnate.


Serves as commander-in-chief in a given territory under Atomic authority and appoints reprisentatives to represent the territory in the Counsel of New Abolished Law.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Like other secret members of the Atomic Cult, high forgemen wear a metal armband on each bicep and a metal chain necklace arounf their neck to reprisent the three rings of Atom. What is notable about the jewelry of a high forgeman is thatthey will have flame patterns engraved on them signifying their authority.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The title may be removed if the holder is overthrown or killed.

Notable Holders

Lemnos Attomiccite:

A notable figure in the Atomic revival of the early 15th century, Lemnos oversaw the Atomic Cult's activities in the Hassium and Northeld territories. He was a major proponent of the Atomic prophesy in which he believed that an apocalyptic age would arise once a single human empire gained control over all three of Terrabore's major regions. Because of this, he aimed to use his position and influence to sew discord among the Guildwellian colonies of the Common Land's southern region.

Religious, Special
Form of Address
Sir / Ma'am
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
"The governors of the worlds societies are granted their power by the whims of the void and bound by chaos."
Length of Term
Three years with no official limit to terms. On occasion a idividual may be given a limit to terms, but this is on a case by case basis decided by the Grand Forgeman.

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25 Aug, 2022 23:13

Interesting, so they put their duty over individual countries, to the point where they may use that authority to cause strife where needed? Nice. So how much influence do they hold exactly?

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