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Tellandra is a dark, low magic fantasy setting that has been evolving over the time i have been gaming.   The world is emerging from the shadows of a world-spanning cataclysm set in motion by a band of heroes who grew corrupt and came to love power more than anything else. At a time when all the peoples of Tellandra needed these heroes the most, the stalwart band turned their backs on the world and sought to usurp the very power of both the heavens and the abyss for their own uses. This band of would-be gods used an ancient relic to force open a portal to both the abyss and heaven at the same time.   The opposite energies of the two realms clashed and created a backlash so intense all of the fallen heroes were obliterated, with the shock wave reverberating across the face of Tellandra, Cities and strongholds were cast down into vast rents that opened in the earth, forests burned, oceans boiled, and mountains rose and fell.   Then the war came.   The hosts of heaven and the hordes of the abyss marched forth form the portals and waged a titanic war across the still roiling lands.The forces the armies unleashed in the efforts to destroy their eternal foes were just a deadly threat as the first earth shattering blast.

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