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The Gragor-Mucien Alliance

In the year 743 DY the kingdoms of Gragor and Mucien¬†entered a political alliance to declare war on Derlaus, breaking 300 years of peace on Behtra.    


The Gragor-Mucien Alliance was forged by King Kratur of Gragor once he had gained knowledge of the prophecy that Azla, Prince of Derlaus, was given at birth. In order to prevent what he saw as complete and utter Derlausian dominance across Behtra, Kratur approached King Seirul of Muncien in secrecy to unify their military and attack Derlaus, known now throughout Behtra as The Peacebreaker.   The Derlaus kingdom had a small military in comparison to the alliance, having spent most of their energy developing technology and enhancing the living conditions of their people. It did not take the alliance long to overthrow the Derlaus royal family, through the assassination of Queen Fima, and occupy the kingdom.   However one of the biggest aspects of the Gragor-Mucien Alliance, the capture of Prince Azla, was unable to be met due to King Gildra's actions of taking himself and his son into hiding.    

Occupancy of Derlaus

Gragor and Mucien came to an agreement to divide the occupancy of Derlaus in a relatively even split. The kingdoms resided on either side of Derlaus; Gragor to the West, and Mucien to the East. Both Katur and Seirul decided it would be easier for their respective kingdoms to go from either side of Derlaus and meet in the middle. The only amendment to this was Gragor getting more shoreline in southern Derlaus, to compensate for their lack of port access due to an agreement Derlaus and the Kingdom of Tila came to before the occupancy.    
Gragor Crest.png
Gragor Royal Crest
Mucien Crest.png
Mucien Royal Crest
Political, Alliance

Key Figures

Kratur: King of Gragor, known as The Iron-Willed   Seirul: King of Mucien, known as The Six-Armed Mage   Pazrath: Leading General of the Gragor Army, nicknamed World Quaker   Jemtamil: The Mucien Army's Commanding Mage, nicknamed The Silent Prayer

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