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Grolk - Goblin Strike Team Member

Grolk and his compatriots attacked the Damned Cutlass by using water-breathing spells to swim under the ship. Using grappling hooks and obscuring black mist to hide their climb up the side, his team (of which he was just one grunt) assaulted the ship. After the attack failed the surviving goblins, but Grolk was captured because he had been knocked unconscious thanks to Etta's water spell knocking him down. Thanks to a hypnotism spell by Fast Eddy and Etta's interrogation skills, he spilled all the beans he had, which were not many and rotten at that. GOBLIN NATION 4EVA!

Mental characteristics


He's pretty dumb, but a good grunt soldier following directions without complaint or imagination.


Soldier in the goblin army that took and held the Fangs after the conquest of Astergate by the newly formed Goblin Nation.

Accomplishments & Achievements

None to note, besides getting captured by the enemy on his first strike team assignment.

Failures & Embarrassments

Getting captured on his first strike team assignment.

Mental Trauma

He's pretty dumb.

Intellectual Characteristics

Speaks Goblin and a smattering of common, though it's almost unintelligible to any non-goblin thanks to a heavy accent.

Morality & Philosophy

None to speak of- Too much of a follower. Lawful evil, mostly, but close to neutral at points.

umm gross.
Gender Identity
Known Languages
goblin partial common

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