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Taurin (Xiroth Era)

Mai 21th, 937 XE

Created by

Editorial Team

In the wake of the Sundering, the strength that blessed so many of the world faltered and with it brought an era of complacency. Xiroth, the Ancient Black Dragon slew Mystra, God of Magic and seized control of the material plane, severing it from the gods who watched over it so closely. In his reign, he and his lieutenants, the Lords in Waiting, ruled over the other nations keeping a lasting but tenuous peace for many centuries.   With peace however, comes restriction. Xiroth, seeking to solidify his rule, razed the previous ruling body and built his own from fear and reeducation. Here he seeded into the thoughts of the public the depravity of choice and the strength of union and here he rewrote both the past and the present. Redactors stole away historical artifacts or erased the dark histories of villages who have mysteriously vanished and his Claws combed through the citizens of the land, plucking out thought criminals and rebels and so on, to be examined and adjusted to fit this world, or to simply be removed entirely.   That was all 900 years ago though, Xiroth has gone missing in recent times and a weight is beginning to rise on the public. There's only so far they can be pushed before it all begins to falter and without Xiroth to control his Lords, the patience of the people will fail. Rumors are beginning to spread of magic, and monsters, and gods. The land is beginning to shift as massive ruins deep below the soil begin to jolt to life and the opportunity the rebel groups had been waiting for is drawing nearer and nearer. It won't be long before it all begins to break and from the ensuing conflict may we soon see the world reborn again.

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