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Death of the king


The king of the elves dies with no successors. After a period of mourning there is a struggle for power for one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world. 1 also wants to become king and is abusing his power to disrupt other people wanting the position. Also the there have been murmuring of an uprising lead by some cult fanatics who want to use the power king to destroy people who are getting in their way and use the power for self benefit. The party has the choice of continuing with the dismantling of the orcs or to intervening with the elections. By choosing to continue with the dismantling they take an easy route and don’t get involved and continue to work in secret but by choosing to intervene they have the chance to put a fair ruler in power but also possibly make some enemies

Plot points/Scenes

The party get an urgent request to go to the castle from where they are to the palace to see the king. They arrive at the castle by riding horse which were provided and are rushed to the kings room where he lies in his deathbed. He gestures weakly to the party and slowly says ‘I give you this’ handing Sebastian a key. He explains that the key is for a safe in the jeep of the castle where he has left all of the party a magic item personalised to them. He then dies holding 1’s hand and when his hand falls a ring with the royal crest embedded into it. The key signify that 1 has rule over the kingdom until a new ruler is chosen by a council of important figures such as 1, the kings advisor etc. When the party go down to the safe they all find at least 1 magic item personalised to them and 1,000 gp each. There is a note that reads ‘continue your work on dismantling the orcs, I have told 1 about this and he is willing to instruct you on your next missions’.

Plot type

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