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The Capital of the elves where the elven royal family are mainly housed


There are certain areas where there is a richer population and poorer populations but there are no set areas where the classes are seperated


A feudal system run by the king


Massive walls made of stone with high level spell casters guarding the walls. They also have very high border control with very high fighters as guards in the doors. They also have ballistas on the walls for vehicles. Every 10 guards have a horn of blasting


They have lots of magic based trade because of their high magic population. They also have lots of gold exports which gave them their name. That then gave them lots of money


Mainly magic based and have lots of magic based exports bu5t they also have lots of quite expensive exports like gold which is how they got their name


The money and power of the elves and their army. Also they have lots of exports that earn lots of money like gold

Guilds and Factions

It has a trade guild and a magic guild which has shaped the city


It has an olden styled architecture because of how old it is


It has a large river running through it and has a dense forest running through it

Natural Resources

Lots of Gold
  • Map of Bar-Amon
  • Map of Bar-Amon
Alternative Name(s)
The Golden City
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Included Locations
King Adran Berevan
Characters in Location

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