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Ella Goldblade can't seem to catch a break. After botching her last assassination she's given one last chance to make things up to the guild that holds her life in their hands. It would be a simple matter except her new target is the most dangerous warrior in the kingdom. A merciless prince who breathes destruction and craves violence. How can she succeed where so many others have failed?     William Westergard can't seem to catch a break. His little sister or as the people know her the Queen of the Realm has summoned him to the capital to reprimand him for his "excessive force" in protecting the kingdom's borders. Meanwhile the nobility schemes against his sisters crown while the inscrutable elven race plots against his God.   When these two meet blood is sure to flow and sparks are certain to fly, but with such tumultuous and violent emotions being bandied about they may find themselves visited by that most fickle and dangerous emotion of all ….love.