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Takissis is a world with an ocean that covers two-thirds of the world, the rest is covered in a small and large land masses. Takissis orbits two suns that come up and play havoc on the inhabitants. Takissis circles the greater of the two suns known as 'Ra - The Bringer of Life' and the second sun 'Tu - The Lady of Darkness' actually circles 'Ra' at a great distance.   Although it takes Takissis about 387 days to make one circuit of 'Ra' it will take 'Tu' 2,982 days to circle 'Ra', when 'Tu' is at it's farthest point a winter comes to Takissis, yet when it is closets to Takissis, the water of the ocean begins to steam up, the surface of the world becomes a very hot and rainy place.   This has lead the species of this world to avoid the surface when 'Tu' returns to the sky. Only the elves stay above ground, although they will migrate to the northern most point of their part of the world. The Gnomes, Dwarves, Halflings and Humans all go below ground during both the Long Winter and the Long Season of the Midnight Sun.

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