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Tithon "Tom" Ukatur

Tithon Ukatur, otherwise known as Tom the Hamlets Resident Drunk is in fact the wizard he claims to be. He, Thelma, Esmerelda and Brother Tobias once traveled the kingdom seeking adventure. They retired to Payne after it became apparent to then all that they were too old to continue in this path. A Graduate of the "Grisons, School of Wizardry" there is nothing he cannot enchant.   Over a drink he will tell you a tale of his greatest woe. You see Tom lost his Wizards Tower to an ONI, while he was in town drinking with his old friends at The Ugly Crossbow Inn, now without his spell books Tom can only work simple cantrips.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Black, shoulder-length hair slightly covers a bony, charming face. Sparkling hazel eyes, set charmingly within their sockets, watch impatiently over the haven they've defended for so long.

Body Features

Fair skin gracefully compliments his cheeks and leaves a delightful memory of his luck.

Physical quirks

Several moles are spread awkwardly across his forehead and leaves an aching memory of his lack of luck in love.
Biological Sex
Bright Yellow
Black Shoulder-Length

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13 Jan, 2018 16:41

Cool character concept