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Taarö, a world of fantastical origins, and strange magic. Beings more powerful than the gods walk among the people of the world in disguise, protecting them from a mysterious being that seeks to enter this world and destroy everything in it.

Empires fight to survive, and over the fate of powerful artifacts, the Legacies of Retribution. Some of these relics, are powerful enough to topple mountains, or, as some legends say, powerful enough to kill a god.

Among the political turmoil of the Great War only 100 years ago, many groups seek to claim power for themselves, thieves guilds, deranged cults, and power hungry wizards all seek to take control.

In this world there are a strange variety of inhabitants, which unfortunately causes rampant speciesism and such movements grow in strength as time progresses.

But in the end, this is a world where there are people that just want to survive day to day in a world that seems to have it out for them.

I welcome you to Taarö