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System FABCA4D9 (Bisterne System)

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[BEGIN REPORT] [ANALYSIS OF SYSTEM FABCA4D9]   LARGE AMOUNTS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION CAN BE DETECTED FROM THIS SYSTEM. SCANS SHOW EVENTS THAT DON'T CORRELATE WITH A MODERN UNDERSTANDING OF PHYSICS. NO COMPREHENSIBLE TRANSMISSIONS. SYSTEM APPROX. 2.723 MILLION LIGHT YEARS FROM EARTH.   [RISK ANALYSIS: POTENTIAL EXTREME RISK] [CONCLUSION: CONTINUE TO MONITOR]   [END REPORT]   A world created for the backstory of my D&D character for a sci-fi campaign. I kept thinking of new concepts and decided to get them all written down. System FABCA4D9 is full of incredible technologies directed by advanced biological science, quantum and theoretical physics, among other concepts. It also analyzes different forms of government, the clashing of ideologies, and space warfare. This star system is used as a home for the D&D 5e race Dragonborn, and implements them in a sci-fi setting. Feel free to implement it into your own campaign! (Who am I kidding only my friends who i show this to are gonna see this. But hey, just in case!)   "I've been sent from the Bisterne system on a diplomatic mission to promote peace and unity between all intelligent species." -19