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Social Structure

Living in many-layered tree structures, known as haeves, in the God-shattered area of central Nalys, including and surrounding Sielu'montanye, the Fae exist in a hive-like social structure. There is no court, no ruling of council, merely the greatest of the female Fae rules as 'Highest', and her with a harem of males she chooses to act by her side. The Highest is believed to be blessed by Inae'en herself, their Mother and Creator, and as such is marked for rule at any time during her life by the appearance of three green ovals somewhere on their skin. The Fae consider this marking to be the physical embodiment of where Inae'en's fingers have rested on their chosen Highest. The Barrier weakening just enough to allow Inae'en to touch her chosen, in order to ensure the future of the Fae.

Dress Code

The Fae typically prefer to wear as little as possible. Modesty in their physical appearance is not something highly valued in Fae culture, and their haeves would be a culture shock to any Aeshir. Although the Fae's presence on Syshir has been newly rediscovered, the Aeshir with the knowledge of such have never returned to civilisation.


There are three distinct 'castes' in Fae society.   The most superior rank, contains the Highest. The matriarch Fae female chosen by Inae'en herself to rule a particular haeve. The Highest's harem of males are also consider a step above other Fae, although how much ruling power a male actually holds varies from haeve to haeve. While the Highest is still the absolute authority, many share the responsibility of leadership amongst their harem. For others, the harem are granted certain privileges of their rank, but have no real say in the goings on of the haeve.   All other Fae fall into the two other classes that are considered equal in rank, with minor internal power dynamics based upon skill and age. They are known as Hunters and Haevers, and broadly are defined by individuals whose work primarily takes them outside the bounds of the haeve and into the wilds of Sielu'montanye (Hunters), and those who work primarily inside the compound (Haevers).  

Highest transl. Mihira

The Highest's power is held mostly by tradition and superstition rather than any physical interaction with the functioning of the haeve. Although it is a commonly held belief that a Highest with a strong harem will lead to strong reproduction rates amongst the rest of the haeve, the statistics support it only weakly at best. Regardless, Inae'en's hands chose the Highest herself. It's considered the greatest sacrilege and mostly unthinkable to go against Inae'en's wishes. The Fae Queen is the be-all and end-all of Fae beliefs and religion, and the Highest is the one chosen to act by her hand.  

Hunters transl. Aseape

Hunting parties form a large part of the culture of social interaction amongst Aseape. No Fae should leave the safety of the haeve alone, and hunting parties are formed early on in the careers of Aseape. Hunting parties are a brotherhood, a tight-knit group of individuals who often spend extended periods of time away from the haeve. Hunting parties are considered a 'new family', bonds made within them often stronger than those of blood.  

Haevers transl. Cinaim

  Skilled craftsmen, homemakers, gardeners, cooks, and other professions that spend their time in the buzz of the haeve are considered Cinaim. In the eyes of the greater whole, no Cinaim is considered less than another due to their profession. It is an individual's actions that field their reputation, not the position they hold. In a haeve, every rank (bar the Highest and her harem, who are considered above all others) are vital pieces to serve in the functioning of their society.


Average Physique

Between 4 and 5 feet tall, the Fae are typically smaller and more slight than the Aeshir. Lithely muscled, nearing to fragile-looking, the Fae utilise a set of retractable, gossamer wings and thin-looking but strong hands tipped with retractable claws to traverse their arboreal lifestyle. Their skin covers a range of natural seeming colours, mostly in the green to blue range, with some brown, but when their distribution was wider, they also sported yellow, orange, and red skin to camouflage with drier habitats.

Facial characteristics

Fae faces are sharp and elongated, with long, pointed ears, large cat-like eyes in a variety of colours with vertical pupils for better vision in all light conditions and a row of white pointed teeth.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

While Fae once dwelled in all the forests of the world, after The Barrier was raised, the Fae's reproductive capabilities suffered greatly from the disconnect to their mother Inae'en. After the Fae returned to their original home, in the high mountains of Nalys, newly shattered, the first Highest began to appear, and the Fae began to thrive in their new aether-rich environ.
Geographic Distribution

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