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Earth no longer needs countries-- not when they have companies that have united once warring neighbors. Countries were dissolved after the Third World War left most of them in ruin. Out of the ashes rose what would become known as the Syndicate. The alliances within the Syndicate are similar to those that occurred between countries, but rarely are new ones ever formed. The original alliance to rise and begin to form the Syndicate was the NorAm Party, comprised of the Kova Company, Blokk Industries, and Salvation. The three corporations would go on to set a precedent that altered the world as we know and pulled humanity up by its bootstraps and began to rebuild. Nuclear weapons destroyed much of civilization, and the only reason humanity was able to survive was thanks to underground shelters built by now dead countries. The NorAm Party created a spore that could be launched into the atmosphere and break down the nuclear radiation cloud surrounding the planet and a strain that could be used on the ground to disinfect the soil and water. The mutations caused by the radiation to the animals, humans, and flora spawned barely sentient animals and humans and caused the flora to adapt to poisoned water and food sources.

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