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House Berakka

At the start of the Great War, Junio was a foot soldier like any other; when it ended he had risen through the ranks and personally killed a handful of Dark Lords as well as a dozen of their commanders. The key to his success was neither size nor strength, but sheer cunning – something that impressed the Queen and her advisers to such an extent that he, in the absence of reliable relatives, was appointed Duke of Narugor. And he has not let them down; if Korinthia were to name the most dependable duke in Ambria, her finger would be pointed at him.


Except for the region surrounding Kurun, which is under his direct control, Duke Junio’s lands are managed by eight barons and one count. And then there is Thistle Hold, crammed between the baronies of Erebus and Derego. The soil is far less fertile than in the southern valleys, and the threats from the forests are greater in numbers and severity than those from the Titans, but even so, the Duke does not complain. And why would he? He makes a good living from the trade in Kurun and tax revenue from his vassals, and besides, amassing wealth was never one of his primary goals in life.

Prominent Individuals

The Duke and his father are basically the only people who are well-known among the general population. The father, Jurlio, showed initiative during the restoration of Lindaros and was eventually given a position at the City Council, as Construction Commissioner. Junio’s third son, Davido, is also somewhat distinguished as the Duke’s representative in Thistle Hold. Too sickly to become a knight, he does his best to represent his father among the dignitaries gathered in the Hall of Knights.


It would be no exaggeration to say that Junio Beraka is “loved by the people, but hated by the nobles.” No matter how justly and graciously he treats his vas- sals, the nobles will always look down on him and his family of social climbers. This is particularly true of Count Alkantor, who has publicly called him an “unwashed pig farmer with more filth in his blood than he has on his grubby mitts.” But Duke Junio ignores their jealousy, secure in the knowledge that he has his Queen’s love and respect.
Geopolitical, Great house

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