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Three moons orbit above a vast planet of blues and greens. The first saunters slowly around the planet, the browns and reds of its soil so distinct they can be seen far below. The second is quick and loops in a tight orbit, the tan gasses of its atmosphere curling and swirling. The third is blue, hinting at the possibility of a watery surface. The three move together, yet not in sync, oblivious to the chaos their cycles can cause on the planet below.

On the planet below are 5 large continents. The beings that inhabit these places are varied and diverse, most of whom have evolved after thousands of years of development. Some inhabitants are newer arrivals, though they are no less integrated into the ecosystem. They call this planet Sylinia.


The Continents


Arshwe is the largest continent on Sylinia. It is long and thin, stretching around most of the Equator. On the north-facing peninsula is a large forest inhabited primarily by Rohath Elves. To the west, the Nemf Orcs control most traffic in and out of Arshwe Harbor.
The other residents of Arshwe are experiencing a period of rapid technological development. The city-states of Shinnock City and Kolshwe are poised to become global powers.  


Gellos is near the northern pole and is an icy, cold continent. The beings that live here are hardy and determined. The most notable civilization are the Izz'Goz, a derivative group of Orcs who defy most of the biological imperatives expected of their species. The other groups living in the region tend to be less centralized. There are a large number of nomadic groups that follow the herds of bison and aurochs.  


Morain is widely believed to be the longest inhabited continent on Sylinia. The oldest modern civilization, the Shelar Elves, dawned here, and it is here that recorded history begins. In modern times, Morain houses the largest mageocracy on the planet, centered out of the Dawn College. There are several active volcanos on the eastern side of Morain, so the shoreline has changed multiple times in the last several hundred years.  


Qalosh is divided by a mountain range that is incredibly challenging to cross. The Skatzingrad Empire and The Atalan Islands are both part of the continent, as is the nation of O'Oron.

You can still find remnants of the earliest humans arriving on Sylinia in the Todesdamen Mountains. The Cel Nomads are the modern gatekeepers to these ruins, keeping them secret from the anti-magic and anti-technology Skatzingrad Empire, who has long forgotten that facet of their history.

Qalosh Map


The central region of Ven'Goeth is a hot, arid desert. The human residents of Ven'Goeth have become experts at irrigation. They have built huge citadels into the rock faces and call them home. The largest of these is Jeorta. Not too far away are the ruins of the earliest Dwarven civilizations.

At an oasis to the east, the city of Serross looms out of the desert. A blended city of elves, humans, and half-elves, many of the best artists and musicians have trained in Serross for at least a little while. To the South are the Yulan Hills where many Halflings and Gnomes make their homes.


The three moons of Sylinia cause frequent tidal shifts, but at least those can be predicted. Less predictable are the explosive volcanic eruptions caused by the gravitational pull of the moons. There are many volcanoes throughout the planet, and several volcanic fissures far beneath the ocean.  

The Arcane

Magic is available throughout Sylinia. Some are born with a natural affinity for arcane magics and some study tirelessly for years on end to gain power. Others are blessed with their abilities by divine entities.

There are some races that have a stronger affinity for the use of arcane powers, leading to pockets of magic-heavy societies. It is worth noting that the Skatzingrad Empire, a human civilization on Qalosh has shunned magic and hunted many arcane-based creatures and beings to extinction, so that is the only region where no magic users will be openly found.


The Divine

Sylinia is watched over by a group of divine beings. They are worshiped in several different pantheons, depending on the race and ethnicity of the beings in question. Many of the divine beings have several aspects, or forms, that they take depending on which group is being discussed.

The Divine
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The Wells

There are several arcane wells on Sylinia, one per continent. The exception of is Arshwe, which houses two - one on each side of the continent. This placement leads scholars to believe that the wells were built before volcanic eruptions joined the two halves of Arshwe, placing their age at several thousand years Before Time (BT).

The Wells are connected by Arcane Lines of power. These lines are mysterious and poorly understood, even by the oldest and most learned creatures on Sylinia.


The Underdark

The volcanic nature of Sylinia makes it the perfect place for a vast underground cave system. The Underdark is the term used to collectively refer to these spaces. Poorly explored and even more poorly mapped, the Underdark is a dangerous place for civilized mortals to trod. Many monsters and evil creatures make their homes there, far away from any light.


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