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Swords & Shadows

1450 A.D.

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It is an age of strife and conflict. For years the Shogun of Nippon has ruled over the land with an iron fist, bringing peace and prosperity to those who were willing to bend the knee. Now in his passing, a new age of war is on the horizon that threatens to envelope the largest cities and smallest hamlets both in bloodshed. Daimyos are bolstering their ranks with Samurai and Ashigaru. Kage are beginning to mandate stricter requirements from their Shinobi Students. Bandits, Thieves, and the beasts of nature itself are taking advantage of the discord. Who will emerge victorious? The great Samurai clans? The scheming and crafty foreigners? Or will it be the Shinobi? The blades of the night. The Left hand of Daimyo. The Saviors from the shadows. Only time will tell...